USA Guides

Aylan Lee

River Operations Manager

Born in Glen Ellen, California, Aylan has been a professional guide since 2010. He holds a BA with honors in Geography with a minor in music from the University of Washington and is presently finishing his masters degree in geography at Portland State University. Aylan’s broad academic interests lie in understanding how nature, politics, and infrastructure interact and shape landscapes. Outside academia, Aylan has spent most of the last decade in the outdoor industry, leading and enjoying whitewater trips on rivers across the same landscapes he studies. At the heart of his professional pursuits is a deep desire to connect people to places in meaningful, engaging ways. In doing so, Aylan draws on an extensive leadership and service industry background. In his spare time, Aylan is an avid cyclist, skier, and whitewater kayaker. 

Tom Scarborough

Whitewater Rafting Guide - Manager

Guide since 2003: WA, OR, ID. Joined ROW in 2007. Tom has a unique skill set. He is able to recite Dr Seuss’s the Lorax from memory, brew a mean pint of beer, drive a bus, milk a cow, cook a tasty Dutch oven lasagna, and write a Microsoft Access database. On top of all that, Tom is a great guide and a wealth of information about the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains.  He currently manages ROW’s Rogue River operation where he sings guests to sleep with his smooth sounds of the 70’s and signature number “Waltzing with Bears.”   Originally from New York, Tom has a B.S. in Natural Resource Management from Cornell University and an extensive work history ranging from a YMCA summer camp director, to transportation director for a Washington ski area and finally a river guide. Tom also has a passion for all things bacon, tinkering and pop music.

Connelly Brown

Whitewater Rafting Guide - Manager

Guide since 1988: WV, CO, CA, MT, ID. Joined ROW in 2002. A native of the Nutmeg State, Connelly Brown, or Cb as he is known in the river world, now resides year round in the mountains of Northeastern Oregon with his wife--who he met on a ROW trip!--and two kids.  Originally from the Nutmeg State (Connecticut), Cb has been a guide since, wait for it, the late 1980s.  For years he worked as a “migrant wave farmer,” living out of his truck as he followed the snowmelt and work from one river to the next throughout the year.  He joined ROW in 2002 and has served as both a guide and manager.  While guiding a ROW trip, he met the woman who would become the love of his life (she was a guest!).  Now married with two kids, they make their home in northeastern Oregon where Cb runs a backcountry ski business.  One of the quirkiest and most pleasant of people, Cb is all about keeping it mellow and making memories on the river.  Whether it is fishing for sturgeon, charging the big hits, telling stories or leading a hike, Cb has a way to make your experience unique.  He is also a Certified Interpretive Guide.

Peter Metcalf

Whitewater Rafting Guide

Guide since 2002: AK, MT, ID, OR, Costa Rica, Guatemala. Joined ROW in 2008.  ROW’s former Operations Manager and a current PhD student at the University of Montana, Peter loves to tell stories.  In fact, he’s far more likely to share a tale about an early homesteader, discuss western water policy or talk about wolves than remember a joke, even if he’s heard it twenty times.  Born on the prairies of Kansas, Peter grew up splashing through the creeks and sleeping under the stars of western Oregon where his mom ran a Lutheran summer camp.  He ran track and cross country for Whitworth College and later earned an M.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana.  In addition to river guiding, he has also taught environmental education courses in Montana and Central America, worked as a journalist and referees high school basketball.  When not on the river, he is likely to be found knee deep in a Montana trout stream, watching birds, hunting for elk, telemark skiing, sharing conversation over a local IPA or reading a good book.  He looks forward to the day when seeing Salmon on a ROW trip is no longer a rare experience.

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John Hernandez

Whitewater Rafting Guide - Manager

Guide since 1998: WV, ME, CO, ID, MT, Peru.  Joined ROW in 2005. John Hernandez originally hails from the Biggest Little State in the Union, Rhode Island.  He attended at Springfield College where he was an All-American Volleyball Player and earned a Master’s in Outdoor Recreation Management.  While in college he discovered a love of kayaking and started guiding rafts in 1998.  After several seasons in West Virginia and a stint in Peru John headed west to Idaho in 2003 and has guided with ROW ever since. John brings a huge smile, great boating skills and tremendous sense of humor to the job.  If anyone were to convince you there really is such a thing as a left-handed paddle, it would be John.  When not providing campfire entertainment, sharing the history of early boating in Idaho or pointing out big horn sheep, John cooks up great riverside fare, including some fabulous dutch oven lasagna.  He is also an avid fly fisherman, beer connoisseur, and sports fan.  In the off-season, John guides snowmobile tours in northern Colorado.

Landon Moores

Whitewater Rafting Guide

Guide since 2010: ID, MT. Started with ROW in 2010. Landon grew up in Tennessee in a family filled with love and a dinner table full of fried Okra.  An adventurous tot, her daddy once yelled at her and her twin sister for climbing a tree to jump onto a trampoline -- that thanks to the sprinkler and a healthy dose of dish soap had become a foamy mess.  That same adventurous streak convinced her to take her first ever raft trip down the Ocoee River in Tennessee.  She fell out and lost her shorts.  A few years and only one more river trip later, she decided to become a guide.  At Guide School, she quickly proved that experience or not, southern girls make great raft guides.  Landon has worked everything from half day float trips to six-day big water Hells Canyon trips.  One of ROW’s top interpretive guides, mergansers, coniferous trees and river-based murder mysteries fascinate her.  She is also one of those rare river guides who does not own a truck, or any vehicle for that matter.  Instead this self-described “professional passenger” bikes, walks, takes the bus, flies or finagles rides when need be.  In the off-season she teaches skiing at Brundage Mountain, pours drinks at bars in Idaho and Tennessee (her home state, “Go Vols!”) and dreams of a future as an environmental education or Spanish teacher.  So far in her career with ROW, she has yet to lose her shorts again.

Josh Seaton

Fly Fishing Guide

Born in 1980 in Pinehurst, ID. Guide since 2002: ID, AK. With ROW since 2007.

Growing up in Pinehurst, Idaho, Josh learned the techniques and skills necessary to successfully catch fish on a fly from an early age. In 1999 he left home and began his guiding career in Alaska catching salmon, trout and grayling. In 2002, Josh returned to his fly fishing roots in north Idaho and signed on with a local fly shop. Josh “Seaton's innate ability to seek out and hook fish has quickly established himself as one of the most reputable and sought after guides in the Pacific Northwest.  Josh currently resides in his home town of Pinehurst, Idaho with his lovely wife Tash. He is also currently enrolled in nursing school in north Idaho.

Lenore Perconti

Whitewater Rafting Guide

Guide since 2009: ID, MT, OR. Started with ROW in 2008. Lenore grew up in Lewiston, Idaho, a stone’s throw from the confluence of the mighty Clearwater and Snake rivers.  As a kid she raised polyphemous moths in the family kitchen and went fishing with her dad on the Lochsa river.  While studying for a biology degree from Washington State, she swamped Hells Canyon trips for ROW in the summer of 2008 and got hooked on rivers.  She returned to guide the following year and has traded a scientific research career for experiencing the natural world with fellow travelers.  Her favorite part of guiding in Idaho and Oregon is the rugged remote canyons and free flowing rivers.  She also loves sugar and western white pines (Idaho’s state tree), Native American History, river lore, good coffee and conversation.  Lenore is an accomplished flautist and nature photographer. In the off season has travelled extensively in Argentina and is a barista at Schweitzer Mountain Resort, where she is learning to ski.

Katy Scott

Whitewater Rafting Guide

Born in Davenport, WA and raised on a farm, some of Katy's fondest childhood memories involve hopping into the back of a pickup truck with her sister and helping with morning cow feedings. Her enthusiasm for her hometown and the surrounding Spokane Indian Reservation led to a passion for learning about the culture and history of the area tribes, even picking up a bit of local dialect along the way. She first fell in love with whitewater rafting on a Snake River trip through Hell's Canyon in 2014, and has since combined her love for sharing historical and cultural knowledge with whitewater enthusiasts as a guide for ROW. When she's not on the river, you can find Katy reading, skiing, or studying. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Washington, and is currently pursuing her Juris Doctorate at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

Matthew Phillipy

Spokane Activity Guide

Guide since 2012: WA, MT. Started with ROW in 2012. Whether it’s brewing beer, developing his own urban homestead or collecting and consuming wild edibles, Matthew there is rarely a dull moment in his life or a moment that Matthew doesn’t genuinely find amazing. He grew up in a somewhat nomadic family, traveling around in a trailer all summer throughout the Pacific Northwest.  The time he kayaked with a pod of orcas in the San Juan Islands is one moment in particular that he’ll never forget. As the family explored from one natural area to the next, Matthew learned to canoe, fish and build architecturally inspired tree forts.  His love and fascination with the natural world led Matthew to become a teacher.  During the off-season he teaches environmental science in a Spokane-area high school. Matthew has also worked Backcountry and Educational Ranger at Mount Rainier National Park as well as a season on a ranger exchange program to Mount Fuji in Japan.  When not teaching, Matthew is likely to be found biking, playing frisbee, reading, farming or playing in the woods with his son and dog. Despite all these amazing experiences in his life, nothing compares to helping deliver his son Oliver into the world.