Whitewater Rafting in Idaho

No matter which Idaho rafting trip you choose, ROW Adventures offers you a journey that goes beyond the water. While you spend plenty of days riding rapids, you also experience some of the country’s best wilderness, witness wildlife like black bear and bighorn sheep, soak in secluded natural hot springs and wade through history with Native American petroglyphs and pioneer homesteads off the beaten path. You’ll also enjoy staying in comfortable camps under the stars, indulging in delicious camp cooking and relaxing with other activities such as fishing.

Rafting More Idaho Rivers than Any Other Outfitter

Based in Idaho and on the forefront of adventure, ROW runs more rivers in Idaho than any other outfitter. From one-day to a week or more, and from easy floats to the wildest of whitewater, we're your best choice. Because we operate trips on so many of Idaho's rivers, we can give you the best advice about which one will best fulfill your needs and dreams. The Salmon river is the most famous river in Idaho, and we offer rafting trips on several different sections of the more than 300 miles to choose from!  The Middle Fork Salmon River is 100 miles of pure wilderness joy with great rapids and spectacular scenery.  For families with younger children, a better choice would be our Salmon River Family Magic rafting trips.  For adults looking for hot sun, warm water and expansive white-sand beaches, our trips on the Lower Salmon River are the perfect option. The Snake river is another Idaho legend and we offer rafting trips there as well as our exclusive raft-supported hiking trips. While thousands of people take a two-hour trip on the Snake near Jackson Hole, immerse yourself in America's grandeur on a four or five-day Snake River in Hells Canyon trip and gaze up from the bottom of America's deepest river gorge. There are other amazing rivers in Idaho including the Bruneau that has carved its way through a remote wilderness of awe-inspiring deep canyons.  Idaho's most remote river trips are found on the upper reaches of the Owyhee, where we have both rafting tours and expeditionary inflatable kayak adventures.  Finally, Idaho's wildest class IV whitewater run is the Lochsa River where our trips base from our own River Dance Lodge.  And if you're short on time, you might enjoy one of our many one and two-day trip options.

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Best Idaho Muti-Day Rafting Trips to Consider!

Middle Fork of the Salmon - 5 to 6 days. The most famous whitewater rafting trip in Idaho and America’s premier alpine wilderness rafting expedition, the Middle Fork Salmon drops some 3000 feet over 100 miles. Incredible rapids, spin and fly fishing, hot springs, hiking trails, waterfalls, and spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery.

Salmon River Rafting - 4 or 5 days. Officially the "Lower Salmon", this river also plays host to ROW's famous Family Magic Rafting trip. It's a land of warm water, hot sun, and fun, intermediate rapids. Camp on huge white sand beaches, hike to see ancient pictographs, cliff jump and share the best in family river rafting under a big Western sky.

Snake River Rafting in Hells Canyon - 3 to 6 days. Forming the border between Idaho and Oregon, this historic river takes you through some of the biggest rapids in the USA. Flowing through America’s deepest river gorge, the Snake River has exciting whitewater, majestic scenery, great hiking trails, wildlife viewing, and superb fishing.

The Lochsa River - 1 to 3 days. Our most exciting one-day whitewater trip is recommended for those with previous rafting experience. In May and June, the river is cold and fast. In latter June and July, it slows down and warms up but still packs plenty of punch

Bruneau River Rafting - A remote wilderness rafting trip with exciting class II - V whitewater, incredible canyon scenery and exceptional flora and wildlife viewing. 

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Best Single Day Idaho Rafting Trips to Consider!

Lochsa River - Originating in the Bitterroot Mountains and merging with the Selway and Clearwater rivers, the Lochsa River boasts over 40 major rapids along its course. As a free-flowing river, the Lochsa roars to life with the melting winter snow, marking the onset of the rafting season from early May until water levels recede in early July.

St. Joe River - Offering Class II-III whitewater experiences, the St. Joe River caters to both beginners and seasoned rafters, delivering an exhilarating yet manageable adventure. The narrow canyon confines result in explosive waves during the rapids, creating an exciting journey through the stunning Idaho mountain scenery. Between the heart-pounding moments, enjoy the spectacle of trout gracefully navigating the emerald waters of the St. Joe.

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Mecca of Rafting, Guides, and Gear

Whether you're looking for Class II Rapids or Class IV Rapids, Idaho is the mecca of rafting vacations in North America. In addition, our guides are the best at their craft. They not only expertly maneuver guests down the river, but also make your rafting trip more meaningful by sharing their knowledge of the cultural and natural history of the places we visit. Our ROW Fleet consists of the well-maintained rafts, kayaks, drift boats and canoes with your comfort in mind. All gear and guides are provided making your trip all-inclusive...all we need is your enthusiastic spirit!

A map of rivers to raft in Idaho according to ROW Adventures