Whitewater Rafting in Oregon

The State of Oregon is one the best places for whitewater rafting in the world!  Oregon has 68 Federally-designated Wild & Scenic rivers and creeks.  Flowing from steep mountain and through both forested and desert canyons, Oregon has a river trip to suit every taste and ability.  ROW Adventures has been sharing guided rafting trips in Oregon since 1979 and you can count on our experienced guides for exceptional service and intimate knowledge of the area’s natural history. 

There is a great variety of rapids on the rivers of Oregon.  Most of the rivers are suitable for a wide range of abilities so whether your experienced or new to rafting, there’s something that will fit.  Some of the state’s famous rapids include Rainie Falls and Blossom Bar on the Rogue; Wild Sheep, Granite and Rush Creek on the Snake; Whitehorse and Oak Springs on the Deschutes and many others

Oregon's Top White Water Adventures

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Best Oregon Rafting Trips

Deschutes River

Oregon’s most popular river is the Deschutes.  The popularity stems from consistently sunny and dry days, an important draw for those that live in some of Oregon’s soggy climes.  With trips from a day to as long as five days, the Deschutes flows through a variety of scenery varying from forested mountains to deep canyons of volcanic basalt.  Fun, splashy, intermediate rapids, big mountain and desert canyon scenery, and idyllic camping under the stars all add up to a fantastic rafting adventure.

Rogue River

Perhaps the most famous Oregon river is the Rogue.  Flowing through canyons of jaw-dropping beauty, the Rogue River has adrenaline-pumping drops, peaceful pools and lush, verdant scenery.  Located in the southwest corner of the state, rafting trips on the Rogue are easy to access via the Medford airport or driving from any major city on the west coast. In addition, ROW is one of the only companies on the Rogue River to deliver both a lodge-to-lodge rafting option as well as a camping option.  The Rogue offers something for everyone with plenty of fun rapids, wildlife viewing and soul-comforting, inspiring scenery.

Grande Ronde River Rafting 

In the northeast of Oregon is the Grande Ronde River.  This is gentle class II river trip suitable for all ages of rafters.  At the edge of the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness, the river flows quickly through canyons of pine and fir, and as it descends towards the Snake River, opens up to mountains of waving grass studded with towering ponderosa pines. Trips are three to five days and this is the perfect choice for families or those looking for a mild whitewater trip. 

Owyhee River

In the southeastern corner of Oregon lies a little-known desert gem, the Owyhee River.  ROW offers trips on both the Middle and Lower Owyhee sections from four to five days.  The scenery is more what you’d expect to find in Utah, with deep canyons and during the spring season, bountiful wildflowers and birds.  These are some of the most isolated canyons of Oregon where the geology provides a full-color storybook of wonder.

Hells Canyon Rafting

On the Oregon-Idaho border, the Snake River has carved the deepest canyon in North America – Hells Canyon!  With the biggest rapids in all the Pacific Northwest, Hells Canyon is a legendary whitewater rafting trip where scenery, challenging rapids, excellent fishing, superb hiking and more all combine into a classic adventure.  During the day we explore a rich legacy of Indigenous rock art, pioneer homesteads, excellent hiking trails and superb fishing for trout and smallmouth bass.  Add in beautiful camps on the river’s edge and you have a dream rafting trip ranging from three to six days.

Map of ROW Adventures Rafting Trips in Oregon

Map of rivers ROW Adventures rafts in Oregon

Lodge-to-Lodge Rafting in Oregon

Oregon has one of the only "lodge to lodge" rafting rivers on the Rogue River.  These trips give guests the best of both worlds - outdoor rafting fun during the day and the comfort of a lodge with beds and showers at night. The lodges are basic but comfortable, set in remote wilderness near the river. As the sun shines down on the Rogue River you are surrounded by the untamed natural beauty Southwestern Oregon. Flowing through the Siskiyou Mountains, a diverse forest of pine, fir, cedar, oak, madrone and manzanita flanks both sides of the canyon.  Crystal clear streams with newts, turtles and inviting swimming holes flow in from side canyons.  ROW offers three and four-day trips on this fabled western river.