Canoeing & Kayaking Trips in the Pacific Northwest

The heart of ROW Adventures beats in wild rivers.  Like people, rivers are each unique and beautiful.  Some come charging down from high mountain peaks with a force beyond our comprehension.  These same rivers may reach wide valleys and become meandering waterways that invite relaxation and bear no resemblance to their tumultuous beginnings. Or they may continue their thrashing course to the end, culminating at the sea.

Other rivers start calmly, but then fall precipitously through deep canyons choked with rocks.  And some are gentle from start to finish.

As ROW has grown older, so too has our attraction to more pacific rivers.  While we love whitewater and the thrills associated with towering waves and deep-throated holes, when we are seeking a gentler sort of solace, it is the mild rivers that call us.  Rivers that frolic rather than churn.  That gurgle rather than thunder. These sorts of rivers, where a paddler need not focus so intently on challenging whitewater are home to our canoeing and kayaking trips.

Paddling your own canoe or kayak brings the satisfaction of accomplishment.  Being in a boat alone, or perhaps with just one other, gives time for reflection, and space to listen to the current, the breeze, and the beat of bird wings overhead.

Rivers without wild rapids allow us to focus on other aspects of a river canyon.  We can gaze upwards without worry of hitting a rock.  We can close our eyes and let the sense of hearing envelope us.  We love these gentle rivers and we love kayaking and canoeing rivers of the American West.  Perhaps you do too?

Like all our river trips, these rivers offer much beyond their banks. They have secrets to share. There are hikes into pristine meadows where wildflowers bloom, or along narrow canyon draws where birds dart between bushes. There are camps where we have time to sit and gaze, feeling at peace while surrounded by open skies and a geologic tapestry. Looking deeper, we find stories of wonder and intrigue revealed through layers of rich cultural and natural history. 

We invite you to join us to paddle some of the most beautiful and mellow rivers of the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies on our canoe and kayak trips in Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon.

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