Travel Insurance Information:

All guests making new reservations for travel on any of our USA adventure tours lasting 2 or more days, are strongly encouraged to purchase CFAR (Cancel for any reason) Travel Insurance, or standard travel insurance to protect their investment and ours.  Should you choose to decline this insurance, you are required to sign this document stating the decline and acknowledging that there will be no refund nor credit given should you have to cancel, or should we be unable to perform the trip or a comparable substitute trip. 

In the ever-changing world we live in, where natural disasters are becoming more common and where national, state and local regulations are unpredictable (as we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic) travel insurance protects both you and us. The CFAR insurance covers 100% of your trip price if you cancel for any of the standard "covered reasons" such as breaking your leg before the trip, or the need to stay home and care for a sick family member, but it also covers 75% of your trip price if you cancel for any reason such as simply not being comfortable traveling, or situations that make it impossible for us to perform the trip. The "Worldwide Trip Protector" or "standard" travel insurance covers cancellation for specific and listed reasons (such as a broken leg, or an elderly parent that suddenly needs care and prevents you from going on a trip), and while it affords good protection, it is not as comprehensive as CFAR insurance.

Trip Cancellation due to Force Majeure (epidemics, wildfires, earthquakes, landslides, flooding, war, labor strikes or other major events adversely affecting travel): Forest fires are becoming more common in the US West and sometimes we are forced to cancel trips due to fires, or landslides that close roads and prevent us from accessing the river or trip.  When government managing agencies close resources due to fire, or a mountain slides down and blocks a road preventing access to your planned vacation, travel insurance provides coverage.  This is another reason to buy travel insurance.  If we cannot operate a trip due to a force majeure or natural disaster that would be covered by travel insurance, there will be no refund provided. 

No cash refunds will be issued for any reason whatsoever. As a company we cannot afford to maintain our knowledgeable year-round office staff that guides you to the trip best suited to your needs, purchase food and trip supplies, hire and train guides, commit to transportation needs, and prepare for trips and then refund trip fees when events cause people to cancel, or us to cancel, for reasons that may be beyond everyone’s control.

Please understand there will be no exceptions to our policy. 


Our preferred provider is Travel Insured International


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