Meet The Best Guides in Adventure Travel 

Our guests agree that ROW guides are the most important element in the success of their adventure with us. Whether it’s a river guide out West, a yachting guide in the Mediterranean, or a sea kayak guide in the Galapagos, we are proud to have some of the best in the business.

ROW's mission is "Sharing Nature – Enriching Lives" and we strive to realize this on every one of our adventures. Along with extensive training and certification in First Aid, River Rescue and other outdoor skills, over 75% of our USA-based guide staff are trained as Certified Interpretive Guides through the National Association of Interpretation. Interpretation in this context means our guides are trained to communicate their knowledge with you in a way that will connect you to the places we visit in a personal and relevant way, so that your vacation with us is that much more enriching.

Candy Bening

USA & Rivers Sales Manager

Emily Wray

Operations and Office Admin

Jason Kruger

Adventure Consultant

Jonah Grubb

VP/General Manager

Lexi Schultz

Adventure Consultant

Lucas Ludwig

Guest Service Admin & RAC Sales

Maia DeGaetano

Content Coordinator

Maria Rosa

Caribbean Program Manager

Megan Ferguson

Adventure Consultant

Michelle Darnell

Director of Marketing

Molly Havriliak

Adventure Consultant

Morag Prosser

International Sales Manager

Xander Burt

ROW Adventures Operations Manager