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sweep boat on the middle fork of the salmon

What is a Sweep Boat?

The Legacy of Sweep Boats on Idaho's Middle Fork of the Salmon

By Peter Grubb, Founder ROW Adventures, River guide of 45 years.


e-bikers on paved path

5 Reasons to Consider an E-Bike Tour

5 reasons to consider an E-bike tour 

With the rise in e-bike usage around the globe, you could be forgiven for thinking that these innovative contraptions are a new invention. But in fact, the first patent for an electric bicycle dates back more than 100 years and by the mid-20th century, electric bikes were being mass-produced in Europe. 

Hiawatha trail in Idaho

Route of the Hiawatha

A Brief History of the Route of the Hiawatha

Rails-to-trails riding has given a new lease on life to several former railroad routes that played an influential role in the history of the United States. Once integral to the transport of passengers and goods across the country, they fell into decline as new modes of transportation evolved.

red raft with 5 people on the rogue river in Oregon

What Class Rapids Are on the Rogue River

Understanding the Whitewater on the Rogue River in Oregon

One of the big questions that people have when they start planning a family rafting trip on the famous wild section of the Rogue River is: 'What class are the rapids?' or 'How big are the rapids?’ After all, for most people, it is a

dutch oven toped in coals

Dutch Oven Cooking on the River 

Mastering Dutch Oven Cooking on the River

There are few pieces of kitchen equipment more important to the river kitchen than the Dutch oven. Also known as a casserole dish in much of the world, these thick-walled cooking pots have been used for hundreds of years and are similar to Japanese tetsunabe and South African potjiekos.