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red raft with 5 people on the rogue river in Oregon

What Class Rapids Are on the Rogue River

Understanding the Whitewater on the Rogue River in Oregon

One of the big questions that people have when they start planning a family rafting trip on the famous wild section of the Rogue River is: 'What class are the rapids?' or 'How big are the rapids?’ After all, for most people, it is a

hot air balloons in Turkey

Travels Abroad During Covid

Insights on Traveling Iternationally During COVID

If you haven’t traveled at all during the pandemic, you may wonder what the experience is like. I too wondered and having recently returned from a trip to Turkey and France, am happy to report that like many things in life, the reality is much better than what might be anticipated.

dutch oven toped in coals

Dutch Oven Cooking on the River 

Mastering Dutch Oven Cooking on the River

There are few pieces of kitchen equipment more important to the river kitchen than the Dutch oven. Also known as a casserole dish in much of the world, these thick-walled cooking pots have been used for hundreds of years and are similar to Japanese tetsunabe and South African potjiekos. 

getaway cabin for rent in central Idaho

Escape to a Getaway Cabin at River Dance Lodge

Getaway Cabins in Idaho at River Dance Lodge

After a challenging year spent attached to our screens (from endless Zoom calls to online schooling), there’s never been a better time to escape with the family and immerse yourself in our natural world.

rafters camp set up along the snake river in idaho

A History of the Groover

How the Groover Transformed the Way We Go to the Bathroom on the River

“When you start putting diapers on the cows, we’ll start carrying out our waste!”

kids jumping into the snake river

How You Can Beat the Heat While River Rafting

Ah, summer! It’s one of the best times to be on the river. It means long daylight hours for tackling fun rapids and enjoying leisurely breaks swimming in majestic wild places. But if you’re not prepared, all of that fun in the sun can translate into sunburn, heat-related illness, and all of their associated issues. 

ROW Adventures International Tours

My REI Adventures Vacation was Cancelled. What now?

Thousands of travelers were shocked to receive an email from REI Adventures in late March 2021, telling them that their international tour had been canceled.  People have been calling our office telling us "My REI vacation was canceled, can you help?