Whether on a paddle raft or an inflatable kayak, single day rafting trips offer guests the opportunity to explore a region's remote areas.  Many first-time paddlers go on one-day rafting adventures, fall in love and then want more!  That said, many others come back year after year as a family tradition to our collection of single day rivers. 

Variety in One Day Rafting

There is a ton of variety in one day trips too!  Whitewater junkies looking for a thrill of lifetime will find it on the Lochsa River in Idaho where there are more Class IV rapids than any spring river in the West!  Families looking for fun, intermediate rapids will find it on the Clark Fork River through the Alberton Gorge in Montana.  Some people just want a gentle float trip to take in nature and wildlife -- for them there are one day rivers like the Clearwater or Spokane where guests relax in paddle rafts and take in the scenary.

Best Single Day Rafting Trips

Clark Fork River: Well isolated from any roads, the Alberton Gorge of the Clark Fork flows through a deep canyon with dramatic rose-colored cliffs. Between the whitewater sections are calm stretches that are perfect for swimming or just sitting back, relaxing and watching the spectacular mountain scenery pass you by. Warm water and quiet pools between rapids make this a perfect family rafting trip.

Deschutes River: Oregon's most popular one-day rafting trip, hot summer weather brings people to the desert canyons of the Deschutes.  With fun class II-III+ whitewater, a canyon that is a storybook of geology and fascinating rock formations, and superb guides that share laughter and discovery, the Deschutes is a classic whitewater trip just 2 hours from Portland, Oregon.

Lochsa River: From its headwaters in the Bitterroot Mountains to its confluence with the Selway and Clearwater rivers, the Lochsa River pounds and churns through more than 40 major rapids. A free-flowing river, the Lochsa river starts to roar as the winter snow melts. Rafting season on the Lochsa begins in early May and goes until the water gets too low for rafting, typically the first week of July.

St. Joe River: The Class II-III whitewater is ideally suited for beginners but exciting enough to thrill experienced rafters as well. The narrow canyon walls restrict the river to create big, exploding waves. In between rapids, as we float through this gorgeous Idaho mountain scenery, you can watch trout swimming in the emerald waters of the St. Joe.

Spokane River: Through Spokane's iconic Bowl & Pitcher in Riverside State Park, the Spokane River is a favorite of the region's outdoor menu.  However, many people only know of the rivers more calmer waters near Riverfront Park right before Spokane Falls but just a half mile down stream an amazing adventure awaits!

1 Day Rafting Adventures

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