Snake River in Idaho

Human history, on Snake River inside Hells Canyon, dates back at least 10,000 years and the people that we call the Shoshone and Nez Perce lived there until the late 1800s. Visitors love to explore their rock art and ancient dwelling sites. Our guides have an intimate knowledge of these people and will share their history, mythology, and archaeology on both our Hells Canyon hiking tours and our Snake River rafting adventures. In 1877, Chief Joseph crossed the Snake in Idaho while trying to lead his people to freedom. Listening to this story today, it will be easy for you to picture this amazing scene, with dozens of Indians and horses swimming the river.

Abundant Nature & Wildlife

You also discover a grand variety of flora and fauna. Snake River is home to Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, Rocky Mountain goats, mule, deer, elk, black bear, otter, and numerous smaller mammals. As well, Golden Eagles, hawks and falcons soar in the skies above, while ducks and other waterfowl swim in the river. Numerous songbirds, some native to Idaho, live in the thick brush along the tributary creeks. The land is fairly arid and slopes are covered with Ponderosa Pines, mountain mahogany, bunchgrass, and ninebark. Along the many side creeks, you'll see netleaf hackberry, aspen, willow, bitterbrush, bittercherry, serviceberry, and Bartonberry.

Each year people flock to Snake River for the bountiful fishing. Common species include trout, smallmouth bass, and North America's largest freshwater fish, the white sturgeon. Other people come to learn more about the history of the Native American tribes and early pioneers who homestead here. Everyone enjoys seeing the well-preserved Native American pictographs and swimming in the near-70-degree water.

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