Snake River in Idaho

Hells Canyon spans the boundaries of Idaho and Oregon, holding the title of the deepest river gorge in North America. According to Nez Perce tribal legend, the mythical figure "coyote" carved out Hells Canyon using a large stick to safeguard the tribe's ancestors in Oregon's Blue Mountains from the menacing "Seven Devils" situated on the opposite side of the gorge in Idaho.

Embarking on our Snake River Rafting adventures through Hells Canyon means journeying through a landscape steeped in both myth and geological marvels. As the Snake River flows from south to north, it carves its way through some of the most rugged and breathtaking terrains on the planet. Massive boulders and rock slides have tumbled into the river, giving rise to the most formidable white water rafting rapids in the Pacific Northwest. The high-crested waves and paddle-swallowing holes immerse us in the thrill of white water excitement.

Snake River Rafting

Embark on a five-day adventure through the breathtaking Hells Canyon on the Snake River with. The Snake River, characterized by "pool and drop" features, promises thrilling rapids, including Wild Sheep and Granite, creating a roller coaster-like experience. Amidst scenic camping spots, each evening offers relaxation, hiking, fishing, and stargazing. Each day continues the expedition with more rapids, exploration of Native American rock art sites, and camping. The third day involves a hike at "Suicide Point" and a visit to Kirkwood Historic Ranch, offering insights into pioneer life. The journey unfolds with history lessons at China Creek on day four and concludes on day five at the confluence of the Snake and Salmon rivers. Throughout, enjoy open-air dining, educational experiences, and riverside camping.

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Snake River Hiking

ROW's hiking trips, designed for those who prefer lighter packs, feature time on a trail paralleling the Snake River with a moderate difficulty level, encompassing ups and downs along the way. The journey commences at Hells Canyon Dam, with a scenic float to the trailhead on large cargo boats or paddle rafts. Surrounded by towering mountain ranges on both sides, including the Seven Devils and the Wallowas, this 30-mile hike offers breathtaking views of the Snake River and its legendary rapids. Traverse the Snake River on foot and let our rafts be your shuttle.

Snake + Lochsa Rafting

Commence your adventure in Cambridge, Idaho, before launching on the Snake River. Once on river encounter Class IV rapids like "Wild Sheep" and "Granite," fish for trout, and partake in a short hike. Riverside camping provides a serene evening, complete with hors d’oeuvres and starlit skies. Days 1-3 bring more rapids, scenic exploration, and Native American rock art sites, followed by overnight camping at different beaches along the way. On Day 3, head to Pittsburg Landing before transitioning to the Lochsa River for further adventures. The fourth day challenges you with the technically demanding whitewater of the Lochsa River, featuring Class III to IV rapids. An enchanting island camp awaits for the final night. On Day 5, paddle through Goat Range rapids before returning to Lewiston.

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Map of the Snake River through Hells Canyon

Map of the Snake River through Hells Canyon

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