The Wild & Scenic Rogue River

The Rogue River in Oregon stands apart as one of North America's foremost whitewater rafting destinations. Protected under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968, the Rogue will flow forever free, providing an unparalleled blend of wilderness, wildlife, and exhilarating whitewater. The Rogue boasts of over 80 rapids that are exciting to all levels of river rafters.  It also plays host to fishing enthusiasts who come from all over the world fish its healthy waters.

Come join us and unravel the secret behind the Rogue River's enduring popularity, making it a cherished choice for guests, and in demand year after year!

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Lodge to Lodge Rafting 

Experience an exclusive lodge-to-lodge rafting adventure on Oregon's Rogue River, the sole offering of its kind in the western United States. The thick forests and lush greenery enveloping the Rogue River sets a breathtaking stage for thrilling whitewater escapades, scenic riverside hikes, wildlife viewing and enchanting, comfortable wilderness lodges. This journey seamlessly blends the exhilaration of backcountry rafting with the indulgence of nightly comforts, including a warm shower and a cozy room.

Every Saturday and Sunday during the Rogue season from May through late August, we launch our lodge-to-lodge rafting trips and by the end of the day, arrive at the first secluded riverside lodge, Black Bar.  On night two we stay at Marial and on night three the spectacular setting of Half Moon Bar Lodge.

Lodge Based Rogue Rafting


Raft Supported Hiking 

If you enjoy hiking more than rafting, we invite you to our unique raft-supporting hiking trips. Envision yourself traversing untouched wilderness, with only a light daypack. Our rafts carry your gear, granting you the freedom to explore the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Rogue River wilderness. As the day unfolds, immersed in the revitalizing aromas of pine, oak, and madrone forests, you'll arrive at a charming riverside lodge. There, a warm shower and a snug bed await your arrival. Ease into your room, relish exquisite hors d'oeuvres, and indulge in a delightful dinner. As night falls, take the opportunity to reflect on the day's highlights and share stories beneath the glimmering stars. Our Rogue River hiking expeditions are scheduled for late spring and early fall, with fall trips featuring camping in lieu of lodge-to-lodge accommodations.

Raft Supported Hiking 


Rogue River Rafting and Camping

Our standard camping trip along the Rogue River typically spans four days. We believe that the four-day itinerary strikes the perfect balance, allowing ample time to explore the canyon's myriad attractions, including playful side creeks, historic cabins, and the Rogue River Trail—an exceptional hiking path that runs parallel to the river.

Immerse yourself in the lush wilderness along the Rogue River, drifting through the verdant landscape each day. Arrive at a riverside beach campsite by late afternoon, offering ample time to set up your space before unwinding on the beach. Whether you choose to take a leisurely walk, connect with friends—both new and old—or simply bask in the tranquility, the evenings are yours to savor.

Rogue Rafting and Camping


Map of the Rogue River with rapids in Oregon


Highlighting the Rogue River with Rogue Riverkeeper

The Rogue River has carved its path from mountains to sea, witnessing the ebb and flow of human impact. Today, this once-pristine river faces escalating external threats. Fortunately, we stand united in a unique collaboration of conservation organizations, outfitters, landowners, recreational enthusiasts, and public stakeholders, all dedicated to safeguarding the extraordinary Rogue River in Oregon. Only through this collective endeavor and shared responsibility can we be true stewards of our wild and scenic waterways and wilderness areas. As guardians, we must all embrace a role in protecting and preserving the Rogue, lending our voices to its winding waters and securing its legacy for generations to come.

Join us in the commitment to become a Keeper of the Rogue!

Join ROW Adventures and Rogue Riverkeeper on our annual fundraising trip September 7th-10th, 2024. More details can be found here.