Mulit-day Whitewater Rafting Trips with ROW Adventures

Thrilling rapids, stunning wilderness areas, and cozy nights spent riverside around a campfire. This is just a taste of what a ROW multi-day rafting adventure is all about. The states of Oregon and Idaho boast some of the best whitewater rafting in the world, from easy floats to wild stretches of river that will test even the most seasoned paddlers. 

Experience the majestic beauty of Idaho’s Salmon River as you journey deep into the American West or gaze up from the bottom of the country’s deepest river gorge as you paddle along the Snake River through Hells Canyon. In Oregon, you can experience the legendary Rainie Falls and Blossom Bar rapids on the scenic Rogue River or discover the desert-like landscapes surrounding the Owyhee River. 

Our multi-day rafting trips include sundowners, gourmet meals, and delicious desserts at beautiful beach campsites, coupled with unparalleled stargazing far from any light pollution. They’re about disconnecting from daily life, coming face-to-face with native wildlife, and being immersed in landscapes that can only be experienced from the water.

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The Best Guides in Adventure Travel

​ We pride ourselves on employing the best in the business here at ROW.  Along with extensive training and certification in first aid, outdoor skills and river rescue, over 75% of our river guides are trained as certified interpretive guides. ​

Camping Made Easy with ROW

Forget your preconceived ideas of riverside camping (tiresome setups, leaking tents, and food straight out of a can). When done the ROW way, you’ll be camping in style with waterproof tents, self-inflating sleeping pads, and gourmet meals served around a toasty campfire. Evenings are spent with a drink in hand recounting the day's adventures and staring up at the never-ending starlit sky before retiring to the comfort of your spacious tent, all setup and ready to go by our crew. 

On our trips with 13+ guests, all of the camping gear and food is transported on a 22-foot cargo raft, meaning your oar-powered raft is light and maneuverable. The cargo raft (along with two support crew) arrive at camp ahead of time to set up the kitchen, dining area, and each of the two-person tents. This means that when you arrive at camp, all you have to do is carry your personal gear (stored in a ROW waterproof bag) to the tent of your choice, roll out your sleeping bag and self-insulating pad, then relax! On trips with less than 13 guests, we may not run our cargo raft and gear will travel with guests down the river. However, the crew is still more than happy to set up your tent for you. 

Coupled with our dedication to comfortable camping is our commitment to the responsible stewardship of the rivers we run and the environment at large. From our office spaces to our warehouses and being out in the wilds, we abide by the “3 R’s” - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We take every possible measure to minimize our impact on the riverine environment, which means that everything we carry in, we carry out. For example, all of our fires are built in metal fire pans and we take the ashes with us. This means that you can join a ROW Adventure with the peace of mind that your travel experience leaves no trace. 


No Culinary Compromises   

When you join a ROW Adventures multi-day rafting trip, you can expect high-quality meals that reflect the wilderness environments you’re encountering. Locally sourced fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats are transformed into healthy, bountiful meals, such as prime rib with Idaho mashed potatoes, grilled salmon, and homemade lasagna. 

Delicious desserts are cooked in our dutch oven each evening, ranging from warming cobblers to pineapple upside-down cake and even birthday surprises. Start the day with steaming hot coffee, tea, and juice before watching the sunset with a complimentary glass of Northwest wine, beers, and cocktails. There is always plenty of cold water, sodas, and cocoa in our kit and guests are welcome to bring their own beverages to chill on our ice. 

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A Typical Day on the River with ROW Adventures

Not sure what you're getting into? Watch this short video to discover what a typical day on the river with ROW Adventures looks like!