Andrés Trujillo

ROW Adventures Sea Kayak Galapagos Guide

Andrés Trujillo

Galapagos Sea Kayak Guide

Andres Trujillo is a world-renowned professional naturalist from Bogota, Colombia. He is currently living in Quito, Ecuador. He is passionate about wildlife, forests, oceans, music, and sharing conservation everywhere he travels. He focuses his efforts on creating memorable experiences for his clients in nature with local people in their natural environment. Andres is well known for his knowledge of wildlife and culture. His photography, people skills, and love for nature and adventure.

When he arrived from Colombia, he was raised in a humid rainforest in the northwest lowlands of Ecuador, where he fell in love with nature. After seeing the issue of deforestation as a child, he started spreading the word about sustainability and conservation, years after he studied ecology and ecotourism working in the Amazon rainforest, with nature and indigenous tribes, who played an important role for him to understand and to approach the issue of human development.

Sharing his love for wildlife photography, he can be a great companion for people who want to cover a country capturing special creatures or moments to take home.  With his camera, binoculars, and all the equipment needed, he is able to share the world the best destinations for nature and adventure that Latin America has to offer.