Outdoor Oregon Adventures

As one of the most geographically diverse areas of the United States, Oregon is an outdoor lover’s playground. It encompasses rugged volcanoes, sparkling lakes, and dense evergreen forests, as well as high deserts and rushing rivers just waiting to be explored. 

While it only boasts one national park (the famed Crater Lake), Oregon is not short of natural wonders. These range from the Snake and Columbia rivers that mark its borders with Idaho and Washington to the largest single organism in the world, the Armillaria Ostoyae fungus that extends beneath the Malheur National Forest. 

Our Oregon adventures are all about being immersed in the state’s wildest corners and the surprises that lie around every bend. Whether you’re kayaking the legendary rapids of the Grande Ronde or exploring Maupin and the Deschutes River, our guided tours offer a front-row seat for experiencing the state’s breathtaking natural wonders. 

Discover why the desert landscapes of the Owyhee River have been compared to the "Sistine Chapel" or enjoy the lodge-based comfort of our multi-day Rogue River rafting trips. With conservation principles and respect for Native lands integral to our operations, why not join us to experience the Pacific Northwest like never before.

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