In the Business of Sustainable Business

We believe in conducting our business in an inclusive and sustainable way. As we pursue our mission of “Sharing Nature – Enriching Lives” we do so within the following framework:

  • Be a positive force for good in the world.
  • Aspire to do no harm and benefit all.
  • Know that we are dependent upon one another and responsible for each other and future generations.
  • Be the change we seek in the world.
  • Promote social equity, environmental stewardship and accountability.

In order to have a guiding star, many years ago we developed our Mission & Values. This is a living document that we update from time to time as we learn and grow.

Supporting Community & Conservation

As a company, we welcome honest discussions about the environment, climate change and the conservation of natural resources. We do our best to minimize our impact and, we are active in, and support, a number of conservation organizations and communities.  Learn more here.

The Balancing Act

We recognize that travel is a large contributor to the world’s carbon footprint, with air travel being the largest contributor within travel.  While we wholeheartedly believe that travel is a source for much good in the world, we must take an honest look at this impact as well as others. With thoughtfulness and intent, we do our best to make responsible choices and recognize that sometimes, mitigation is appropriate and necessary.  

For example, taking people into wilderness areas does have an impact on those places.  Yet we know that by sharing wild places with our guests, we create more advocates for their protection, which could someday save them from a much greater threat such as a dam, mine or other development.  Learn more here

Territory Acknowledgment 

Many of our destinations are traditional homelands of a vast array of Indigenous peoples. By recognizing these communities, we hope to honor their legacies, their lives, and their descendants. Our hope in acknowledging the Indigenous communities whose land we are visiting is to take the first step in raising awareness about their history, culture and the continued disenfranchisement of Indigenous populations. We recognize that many people may never have learned about those who lived here before us. By opening the door to this conversation, there is the potential to inspire us all to continue educating ourselves on these issues, raising awareness and participating in actions to correct the continued marginalization of all Indigenous peoples. Learn more here.