ROW Adventures Named World's Best Tour Operator

Travel + Leisure July, 2012

On July 6, 2011, Travel + Leisure announced that ROW Adventures separated itself from the world’s most renowned tour operators, standing alone as #1 on the list of Top Tour Operations with an overall score of 97.97 out of a possible 100...

Best Summer Getaways: Weekend Floats

Outside Magazine June, 2012

The Lochsa tumbles over 40 major rapids as it cascades out of the Bitterroot Mountains, which received 100 percent of normal snowpack this winter. Row Adventures offers single-day, 20- or 30-mile roller-coaster rides through the Lochsa’s legendary Class IV waves and...

2012 Tours of a Lifetime

National Geographic Traveler May, 2012

Choosing a classic this year, National Geographic recognized ROW Adventures' Middle Fork of the Salmon rafting trip to their 50 Tours of a Lifetime. Carving through more than 100 miles of the largest federally designated wild­erness area in the lower 48 states, the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, in Idaho, is prime family-rafting territory. Natural hot springs, pioneer homesteads, Indian rock art, hiking trails, and, of course, top-notch white water captivate kids and adults. The outfitter, known for a knack with...

Best of the World - Adventures Category

National Geographic Adventure February, 2012

Far in the southwestern corner of Idaho, a hundred miles southeast of Boise on the border of Nevada and Oregon, is the newest staging ground for two world-class river trips. The Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers Wilderness, one of the newest designated wilderness areas in the country, is a 90,000-acre parcel of land that protects its namesake rivers. It's also a dead ringer for Bryce and Zion National Parks...

The Feel-Good, Do-Good Vacation

Food & Wine February, 2012

Instead of the usual freeze-dried dinners, paddlers have locavore meals. In addition, a portion of the trip’s profits support the Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center, which helps maintain the Rogue River...

Close-up Galapagos

Chicago Tribune December, 2011

Hundreds of blue-footed boobies form a swirling mass in the air just offshore. They circle, they climb, they dip. Then, as if on cue, they plunge en masse, crashing into the ocean. Some surface with a fishy reward. Some come up empty-beaked...

Galapagos Islands Adventure Cruises & Tours

Top 20 Foodie Getaways

Seattle Met July, 2011

Paddle in a raft, man your own kayak, or simply 
ride in the guide’s boat, catching glimpses of Indian rock art and homes 
made by Chinese workers during the gold rush...

Wisdom and Whitewater

Cd'A Magazine June, 2011

Take a springtime plunge down the mighty Lochsa River, where the face shots are fast, hard and cold, and the roots of the river culture run deep.

Family Getaways

Private Clubs Magazine June, 2011

On the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which is both a history tour and an adventure, you and the kids will run rapids, visit historic sites, and hik through limber pines while canoeing along the same trail taken by the two famous explorers. Award-winning ROW Adventures recently pinpointed the expedition's Eagle Creek campsite, and this summer's new itinerary will include an in-depth exploration of that area, as well as hiking through a newly discovered canyon...