Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth

National Geographic Adventure November, 2007

When planning the adventure trip of a lifetime, the most important decision isn't where to go, but who to go with. To help you pick the right outfitter, we have conducted the world's first authoritative rating of...

Montana by Water

Western Interiors Magazine May, 2007

ROW, based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, has led river trips internationally and throughout the West since 1979. The company offers several Missouri River expeditions, including a five-day, 60-mile luxury-style camping trip through the protected White Cliffs region between Coal Banks Landing (near Fort Benton) and McClelland Ferry. While providing top-of-the-line amenities and gear, ROW gives guests the choice of riding the easy current in 34-foot canoes similar to those used by early fur traders or boarding 17-foot canoes for a more serious paddling experience...

Fresh Eyes on the West

Sunset Magazine March, 2007

The Missourie River. Green water mirrors cottonwoods and willows. Cloud puffs drift across a silent blue sky. Then: "Bear! Bear!"...

Reflections on a River

Community Magazine March, 2007

On the first four days on Idaho's Snake River, my 13-year-old son Conner announced that he wished the rafts came equipped with television sets. "You'd have your nature, your water, your excitement, but also a TV in front of you for the boring parts," he stated. I wasn't surprised at his comments. Is a river trip for you? I'm sold, but read on for an unvarnished glimpse of what it's like to live like Huck Finn. Then you decide...

2007 Adventure Planner - Your Best Year Ever

Men's Journal January, 2007

MJ scoured the globe and spoke with hundreds of experts and outfitters to find the world's greatest adventures. A season-by-season guide to the top 50, from swimming with whale sharks on Australia's Ningaloo Reef to heli-biking in Squamish, British Columbia. Article featured ROW's Galapagos Unbound Multisport Adventure.

Galapagos Unbound

New York Times January, 2006

We nudge the kayaks through the waves off a remote cove in the Galápagos when a pair of mating sea turtles bob to the surface, drifting close enough to reveal gray tongues hanging languidly from green knuckle-like heads. Just a few hours...

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