Rogue River rafting is unlike any other white water raft trip in the United States. Where else can you raft a wilderness river and stay in a comfortable lodge each evening? We are one of few river outfitters able to provide these lodge-to-lodge rafting trips due to our special relationships with the exclusive riverside lodges.  This makes our trip the best whitewater rafting on the Rogue River!

This Rogue River is one of the most famous whitewater river adventures in the American West, and for good reason. Flowing from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, our particular Oregon rafting trip takes place on the most scenic section of the river flowing through the heart of the Rogue River Wilderness. Fun, intermediate rapids, warm water, and a green-forested canyon makes rafting the Rogue the perfect natural playground for the best whitewater rafting experience.  To top it off, each night you stay at a remote riverside lodge where you enjoy your own room with private bathroom.

During the day you raft through the Rogue's splashy rapids and, in the quiet pools between, watch for deer, black bear, river otters and a variety of birds that make this canyon their home. Like all the best whitewater rafting trips in the world, there's plenty of variety along the way including walks to historic homesteads and superb hiking trails. Few rivers offer such a magical blend of fun suitable for all ages.  Come raft the Rogue River with ROW Adventures!

Honoring Native People and Lands: Recognizing the significance of our travels through Indigenous territory, we would like to recognize the communities whose lands we visit. It is our hope, in doing so, to honor their legacies, their lives, and their descendants. To learn more about territory acknowledgement and specific information about the Native communities of this region, please visit our Territory Acknowledgement page.

Inquire now (we book up fast!) or you can call 800-451-6034 for any questions.

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canyons on rogue river oregon
scenic rogue river
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swimming hole near the rogue river
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rafters on the rogue river, oregon
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Paradise Lodge Rogue River
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scenic rogue river
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canyons on rogue river oregon
scenic rogue river
whitewater rafting oregon
swimming hole near the rogue river
mom and baby dear near rogue river
rafters on the rogue river, oregon
rogue river lodge
riverside music
table full of lunch food
family rafting on the rogue river
hiking along Oregon's rogue river
cliff jumping on the rogue river
mom and daughter rafting
Paradise Lodge Rogue River
couple on rogue river
scenic rogue river
paddle raft rogue river


Collapse all days

Day 0

See full itinerary and trip details here

Arrive in Merlin OR, Orientation Meeting

Travel to Merlin, Oregon and meet your Team Leader at Morrison's Lodge at 5:45 pm for a one-hour orientation meeting of the best Rogue River rafting trip around to answer last-minute questions. You will receive your waterproof gear bags to pack. Dinner is on your own.

ACCOMMODATION : Morrison's Lodge (Not Included in trip cost)

Day 1

Rainie Falls, Black Bar Lodge 

On the first day of your Rogue River rafting trip we greet you at 8:00am at Morrison's Lodge. We will then depart for the Rand Boat Launch put-in as a group. We fit you with the correct sized PFD (personal flotation device) and then give a safety talk to prepare you for the trip. After the safety talk, we divide into oar rafts, paddle rafts, and inflatable kayaks.

Anyone who drove their own vehicle to Merlin can park their cars at Morrison's Lodge in a secure area to stay during the Rogue River rafting trip. We like to launch at Rand Boat Launch because it is away from the clusters of people that can be at the Galice Resort during the height of the summer.

The river rafting on the Rogue starts off gently, but it isn’t long before we come to our first fun rapids. Sometime before noon, we enter the Congressionally-designated Wild & Scenic section of the Wild Rogue River at a rapid called Grave Creek. Generally, we will eat lunch the first day around the Class V rafting rapid called Rainie Falls (guests walk around this rapid). The afternoon is filled with several Class II and Class III rapids and we arrive at Black Bar Lodge around 4:30 or 5:00pm. While you are being assigned to your cabin and cleaning up, we prepare the evenings hors d’oeuvres as well as complimentary regional wine, beer and sodas for you to enjoy before dinner. You might want to take a short hike around the property, visit with your fellow travelers, or play a few games that are offered at the lodge. Around 7:00pm dinner is served in the cozy lodge dining room. Lodge dinners are served family-style with long tables. After dinner, guests can play cards, visit, play the lodge guitar or go outside and gaze at a star-filled sky. Around 10:00pm. Black Bar Lodge's generator is shut down, so we encourage you to bring flashlights since the property can get very dark.


Day 2

Rogue River Ranch, Marial Lodge

Coffee and tea are served in the lodge dining room around 7:00 am with breakfast served about 7:30. A hearty breakfast to fill you with the energy needed for an amazing day of Rogue River rafting. After breakfast, it’s time to pack up and then we carry our gear back to the rafts in the river and launch around 9:00 a.m. for another day of exploring and fun. Today on your Rogue River rafting trip you go through a series of bouncing, exciting Class II and III rapids. We stop for lunch somewhere along the way, perhaps at a historic site or spot with a good walk. Later in the afternoon, we arrive at the Rogue River Ranch. The Rogue River Ranch is a fascinating place to visit and a vivid example of early pioneer history.

Later in the afternoon, we arrive at Marial Lodge, home for our second night. Once again, guests are assigned cabins and then we serve our delicious hors d’ouvres for the ROW “happy hour.” Dinner is served around 6:30 pm here and again is a family-style affair, this time with round tables. After dinner, one of our guides will generally lead guests on a nice hike down a trail that leads to a spectacular waterfall. Then enjoy the deck with calming views of the river canyon before heading to bed dreaming about what is next on this Oregon rafting trip!


Day 3-4

Mule Creek Canyon, Blossom Bar, Devils Staircase

Wake up to the sound of birdsong and quiet. Breakfast is served around 8:00 am. After breakfast, everyone packs up and then we back for rafting on the Rogue River around 9:00 am. The third day is where the best whitewater occurs on the Rogue River. Guests will experience famous rapids like Mule Creek Canyon, Blossom Bar, and Devils Staircase rapids--all three of which are Class IV.

After those three rapids, the rest of the trip is relatively easy Class II and III rapids. When the sun is high overhead we stop for another bountiful riverside lunch. After our final lunch on this Rogue River rafting adventure, we continue to the take-out at Foster Bar. Generally, we arrive at about 3:00 pm and then load up into vans for the two-hour drive over the mountains back to Morrison's Lodge. We would plan to have you back at your vehicle around 5:00 or 5:30 pm.

(Note: On our 4-day Rogue river rafting trips, we stop at Paradise Lodge on day 3 which allows us some extra time that afternoon to do some fishing, read a book, play some cards, or enjoy the company of those around you.)

ROW Oregon, LLC, doing business as ROW Adventures is proud to be an Equal Opportunity recreation service provider.  ROW Oregon, LLC operates under special use permit from the Bureau of Land Management, Medford District along with the U.S. Forest Service in Siskiyou National Forest.   All our operations and facilities are operated on a non-discriminatory basis.

ACCOMMODATION : Paradise Lodge (4-day trips)
MEALS INCLUDED : B, L, on last day; B, L, D on day 3 of 4 day trip

Dates & Rates

DatesAdult (USD)Child (USD) 
Sep 27, 2020 to Sep 30, 2020
Camp Trip
Oct 02, 2020 to Oct 05, 2020
Camp Trip
Oct 07, 2020 to Oct 10, 2020
Camp Trip
May 29, 2021 to Jun 01, 2021
Hike / Float
$1,285£0€0$0$0$1,185£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
May 30, 2021 to Jun 02, 2021
Hike / Float
$1,285£0€0$0$0$1,185£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jun 05, 2021 to Jun 08, 2021
Hike / Float
$1,285£0€0$0$0$1,185£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jun 06, 2021 to Jun 09, 2021 $1,285£0€0$0$0$1,185£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jun 12, 2021 to Jun 14, 2021 $1,125£0€0$0$0$1,025£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jun 13, 2021 to Jun 16, 2021 $1,415£0€0$0$0$1,315£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jun 19, 2021 to Jun 21, 2021 $1,125£0€0$0$0$1,025£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jun 20, 2021 to Jun 23, 2021 $1,415£0€0$0$0$1,315£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jun 26, 2021 to Jun 28, 2021 $1,125£0€0$0$0$1,025£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jun 27, 2021 to Jun 30, 2021 $1,415£0€0$0$0$1,315£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jul 03, 2021 to Jul 05, 2021 $1,125£0€0$0$0$1,025£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jul 04, 2021 to Jul 07, 2021 $1,415£0€0$0$0$1,315£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jul 10, 2021 to Jul 12, 2021 $1,125£0€0$0$0$1,025£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jul 11, 2021 to Jul 14, 2021 $1,415£0€0$0$0$1,315£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jul 17, 2021 to Jul 19, 2021 $1,125£0€0$0$0$1,025£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jul 18, 2021 to Jul 21, 2021 $1,415£0€0$0$0$1,315£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jul 24, 2021 to Jul 26, 2021 $1,125£0€0$0$0$1,025£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jul 25, 2021 to Jul 28, 2021 $1,415£0€0$0$0$1,315£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Jul 31, 2021 to Aug 02, 2021 $1,125£0€0$0$0$1,025£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Aug 01, 2021 to Aug 04, 2021 $1,415£0€0$0$0$1,315£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Aug 07, 2021 to Aug 09, 2021 $1,125£0€0$0$0$1,025£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Aug 08, 2021 to Aug 11, 2021 $1,415£0€0$0$0$1,315£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Aug 14, 2021 to Aug 16, 2021 $1,125£0€0$0$0$1,025£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Aug 15, 2021 to Aug 18, 2021 $1,415£0€0$0$0$1,315£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Aug 21, 2021 to Aug 23, 2021 $1,125£0€0$0$0$1,025£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Aug 22, 2021 to Aug 25, 2021 $1,415£0€0$0$0$1,315£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Aug 28, 2021 to Aug 31, 2021 $1,285£0€0$0$0$1,185£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Aug 29, 2021 to Aug 31, 2021 $1,025£0€0$0$0$925£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Sep 07, 2021 to Sep 10, 2021
$925£0€0$0$0$825£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Sep 12, 2021 to Sep 15, 2021
$925£0€0$0$0$825£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Sep 17, 2021 to Sep 20, 2021
$925£0€0$0$0$825£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Sep 27, 2021 to Sep 30, 2021
$925£0€0$0$0$825£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Oct 02, 2021 to Oct 05, 2021
$925£0€0$0$0$825£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW
Oct 07, 2021 to Oct 10, 2021
$925£0€0$0$0$825£0€0$0$0BOOK NOW

Supplementary Information

3-Day Lodge Trip (Value Season)
Adult Price: $1025
Youth Price: $925

3-Day Lodge Trip
Adult Price: $1125
Youth Price: $1025

4-Day Camp Trip Fall
Adult Price: $925
Youth Price: $825

4-Day Lodge Trip
Adult Price: $1415
Youth Price: $1315

4-Day Lodge Trip (Value Season)
Adult Price $1285
Youth Price $1185

4-Day Lodge Trip (Hike or Raft)
Adult Price: $1285
Youth Price: $1185

Prices are based on double occupancy in the lodges.  There are limited rooms available for groups of 3 if all are willing to share the same room.  These will be available for first come, first served.  If an odd number of guests, there is a single supplement fee of $500 for 3-day adventures and $600 for 4-day adventures.

Private trips available for 1-23 guests:  Pay for 19 seats and get the 20th seat free.  



Rogue River Trip Was the Highlight of Our Vacation

We loved our trip so much. The care and attention provided by the Row staff was complete from beginning to end. No question was left unanswered by the time we jumped in the boats. Everyone was so friendly and we really appreciated learning the history of the Rogue River area. Getting to stay in the rustic lodges was a treat. Being disconnected from technology for three days was awesome. Of course the rafting was super fun. I am already planning another trip for next summer.


Awesome Experience

Amazing. Awesome. Unbelievable. Inspiring. Jaw-Dropping. The best trip I have EVER done. Not the biggest rapids, but the scenery and guides make up for it in a massive way! Huge shout out to Dre, Tom, Will, Matt, & Cliff. Thank you for making this a spectacular experience!!!!! Amanda will do this again !


Best ever July float trip

Wonderful experience … sunny and warm, water perfect temp to swim or be splashed, wildlife and mountain scenery, lodges you can only reach by foot or float, fantastic guides. Excellent Covid protocols and outdoors, so it’s the perfect getaway. Excellent, excellent holiday value. We will be joining another ROW trip next year.

Add review

FAQ & More

Why go with ROW on the Rogue River?

Lodge Based Whitewater Rafting Adventures
You stay in the best-located lodges along the river including Black Bar and Marial providing exclusive accommodations for our groups. Few outfitters can offer a pure lodge-based trip and many have to camp the first night of the trip because they don’t have the established relationships that we do.
Interesting Itinerary
Itinerary is designed to visit many different points of interest, taking advantage of all the sites the river offers. We visit the historic Zane Grey cabin (the author who invented the genre of literature known as the “Western”), other pioneer homesteads including the Rogue River Ranch, Whisky Creek cabin and many natural wonders in the river canyon.
Knowledgeable Guides
Your trip is led by knowledgeable guides who share the Rogue River canyon's natural and cultural history. Only ROW Adventures specifically trains our guides in this area and most are Certified Interpretive Guides through the National Association for Interpretation. On our Rogue River camping trips, ROW guides split into two crews once you reach camp - one will prepare delicious meals and appetizer for you; while the other is available to lead hikes and other activities from camp. The guides enjoy sharing conversation and laughter at meal times and on into the evening.
Simple Logistics
Simple logistics are easy whether you are flying or driving into the area.
Choice of Craft
Your choice of river craft – since everyone has their own idea of excitement, we bring a variety of river craft for you to enjoy, including oar rafts, paddle rafts and inflatable kayaks.
Decades of Experience
ROW Adventures has over four decades of experience and is an award-winning outfitter in business under the same ownership since 1979.
Delicious Meals
We augment the lodge’s meals with our own delicious hors d’oeuvres and fine regional wines such as Oregon’s famous Pinot Noirs as well as Oregon beers from various craft breweries.
Specialty Trips
We offer a number of unique specialty trips such as our culinary Rogue River trips, wine-tasting, River Soul Journeys and more.
All Inclusive
Complimentary beer, wine, juice and soda, all in moderate quantities, is provided. We are proud to serve fine local Oregon and Northwest wines. We always have plenty of ice!

How do I get to the Rogue River?

The Wild & Scenic section of the Rogue River is located in Southwest Oregon, approximately 20 miles northwest of the city of Grants Pass. Approximate Driving Distance to Grants Pass from:

Seattle (421) miles 7.75 hours

Sacramento (350 miles) 7 hours

Boise (679 miles) 12.5 hours

Portland (244 miles) 4.5 hours

San Francisco (395 miles) 7.25 hours

Reno (335 miles) 8 hours

Medford (28 miles) 40 minutes

Los Angeles (743 miles) 15 hours

Las Vegas (917 miles) 17.5 hours

Redding (183 miles) 3.75 hours

If You Are Arriving by Car: From I-5 (north or south) take Exit 61 to Merlin. Merlin is 3 miles west of I-5. Turn left (west) onto Merlin-Galice Road and go 12.5 miles. You will cross a large, yellow bridge over the Rogue River about two miles before you reach Morrison's Lodge, which will be on your right.

If You Are Arriving by Air: The nearest airport is located in Medford, Oregon – the Rogue Valley International Medford Airport – which is approximately 28 miles south of Grants Pass. United, United Express, Horizon/Alaska and Delta Connection service this airport. Shuttle service can be arranged from the airport to your accommodations in Grants Pass or Merlin. This shuttle can also pick you up at Morrison's Lodge the afternoon you return from the river and return you to the airport (or to your accommodations if your flight is not until the following day).

For assistance with shuttle service, call Galice Resort at 541-476-3818. If you are staying at Morrison's Lodge you may utilize their shuttle service and you can reach them at 541-476-3825. Please note: The fees that these shuttle companies charge are in addition to your trip fees.

Private aircraft can fly into Grants Pass, Oregon Airport-FAA identifier, 3S8. The airport is 5 miles from Grants Pass and about 20 minutes from our put in site at Rand Boat Launch.

What area lodging do you recommend before or after the trip?

Whether driving or flying, we encourage you to arrive in the area the night before your trip. There are a number of motels and campgrounds in the area and reservation are strongly recommended. The following lodge and motels are easy to find.

Merlin Area/Grants Pass:

Medford Morrison's Lodge (800) 826-1963

Best Western (800) 553-7666

Rogue Regency Inn (800) 535-5805

Galice Resort (541) 476-3818

Holiday Inn Express (800) 838-7666

Rogue Forest Inn (541) 472-1052

The Riverside Inn (800) 334-4567

Camping is available near Galice at Indian Mary Campground and at Alameda Bar. Reservations are needed during the summer and can be made through the Park Service: (541) 474-5285.

Where do we meet for this Rogue River rafting trip?

We will meet you at Morrison's Lodge near Merlin, Oregon at 5:45pm the evening prior to your departure date for a one-hour orientation meeting to answer last minute questions and give you your waterproof bags to pack. This is an important meeting so please be on time. The next morning, we will meet you at 8:00am at Morrison's and transport you to the launch point of your trip. Please have breakfast on your own before we meet.

Lodge-to-lodge rafting trips: Return to Morrison's around 5:00pm on the final day.

Camp trips: Return to Morrison's around 4:00 pm on the final day. The return trip to Morrisons Lodge is a scenic 2-hour van shuttle (this shuttle is included in your trip fees) back over the mountains.

What kind of weather can I expect?

Weather in any river canyon can vary widely day to day. However, the Rogue’s typical daytime temperatures can climb into the 80’s & 90’s, with the water temperature generally 60-70 degrees. Early and late season trips can also have temperatures ranging from 60-80. While blue skies & sunshine are predominant, rain can happen any time so please bring rain gear!

Tell me about your meals?

You won’t have to worry about going hungry on our Rogue river rafting trips. We feed you from lunch the first day through lunch the last day. The food is fantastic (even if we do say so ourselves), and there is plenty of it. While we provide a modest amount of beer and wine, you are welcome to bring additional beer, wine, soda or other refreshments. We ask that beer and soda not be in glass containers.

If you have special dietary needs (ex. vegetarian, allergies, etc.) we can accommodate these easily on our camping Rogue rafting trips. Just complete the section regarding dietary needs on your trip application form and we will be prepared for your arrival.

Please note: On the lodge-to-lodge rafting trips the lodges provide meals from a set menu, therefore they may not be as flexible. If you would like to discuss your specific needs, please feel free to give us a call or email us.

I have a medical condition. Will this be a problem on the trip?

ROW Adventures is able to accommodate people with physical limitations, disabilities, and medical conditions; please speak with your Adventure Consultant if you have questions or think you will require any additional assistance while on the trip. . If you use medications it is recommended to bring two supplies packed in separate, watertight containers. If you carry an insect sting kit, be certain to bring it in your day pack. If you use a CPAP machine, please note that the first lodge, and third lodge of the 4-day adventure DOES NOT run their generator all night. If it is critical that you use a CPAP, please plan ahead and purchase an independent battery pack. You can find these at

What should I pack for my Rogue River trip?

A complete list of the items to bring along with you are listed in the "Know before you ROW" section.

How can someone reach me in the case of an emergency?

For all intents and purposes, you will be unreachable while on the river. However, give our office phone number - (800) 451-6034 - to the individual(s) who would be responsible for notifying you in an emergency. While we cannot guarantee we will be able to contact you, we will use all our resources to reach you. Our office hours are Monday through Friday.

Should we tip the guides and lodge staff?

We are very proud of our guides. Their hard work, dedication, river knowledge and attention to detail truly sets them apart from the others. If you feel your guides have gone above and beyond the call of duty in providing you with a very special trip, a gratuity may be left at the end of the trip. You can leave the tip with the team leader. He/She can be counted on to share the trip with all the trip guides. A tip ranging between 7-12% of your trip cost per guest is typical.

The same applies to the lodge staff at the lodges where you will be staying. If you feel that you have been well served, we recommend a $5.00 per guest gratuity be given to the staff after breakfast each morning.

Deposits and Final Payments?

Your reservation is confirmed upon receipt of deposit which is on a first come, first served basis. The balance is due 60 days prior to the launch date of your trip by check. If final payment is not received when due, we reserve the right to regard the reservation cancelled.


Should you have to cancel your Rogue River rafting trip plans, deposits are non-refundable. After the final balance due date, all payments become non-refundable. Alternate guests are welcome. Please understand that we cannot ensure your investment in river trip reservations. We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Once you sign up, we lose the right to sell your reserved space to other individuals or groups. Our number of trips and spaces per trip are limited by river management plans. Therefore, we regret that we cannot make exceptions for personal emergencies. Should you decide to cancel your trip with us, your trip cost is not transferable to another year.

Travel Protection?

Cancellation and interruption insurance can include full refund should you cancel due to health, medical, or several other reasons. If you cannot afford to forfeit your reservation investment, you should purchase trip cancellation insurance.

You can purchase this coverage by completing the credit card authorization form and/or by calling our office and we can assist you in the purchase of this insurance.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Of course, we accept personal checks and money orders but we also accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) for the deposit. We require the final balance to be paid by check. Our prices listed are cash rates. If you wish to use your credit card the final payment amount is subject to a 3% fee.

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