Guide to Rogue River Outfitters

Statesman Journal May, 2015

The wild section of the Rogue River is Oregon's most iconic multiday river trip, and there is no shortage of outfitters ready to bring visitors safely through its Class III, IV and V rapids.

It's Always Mother's Day on the River

Life is Short... Pack Light! May, 2015

A mother's account of her family bonding on a whitewater rafting adventure: "It’s day two of a six-day white water adventure on Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon, often referred to as The River of No Return (how comforting is that), and as usual, I am powerless to stop my son Rigel from adding another heart-pounding feat to his stash of adventures."

"Corsica Unbound" Awarded National Geographic Traveler "50 Best Tours of a Lifetime"

National Geographic Traveler April, 2015

Our new "Corsica Unbound" trip was selected as a National Geographic Traveler’s “2015 Tours of a Lifetime!” Now in its 10th year, the 2015 list features 50 of the world's best-guided trips chosen by the editors of National Geographic Traveler. Norie Quintos, acting editor in chief of National Geographic Travel magazine said that "the 50 best-guided tours selected this year offer authentic travel experiences that are sure to leave participants engaged and ensconced in culture," and that "the types of immersive and experiential trips... are going farther and deeper than ever before."

Corsica Unbound

Rejuvenate with River Rafting

Inlander InHealth April, 2015

"Whether on your own or with family, ROW's backcountry rafting offers thrills and reflection... World-wide adventure tour operator ROW has its roots firmly planted in Idaho, and recently developed River Soul Journeys to take the wilderness rafting experience to an even deeper spiritual level. You'll spend the day paddling a stunning Idaho backcountry river — alternating between adrenaline-pumping Class IV rapids and nap-inducing ripples — and the dusk stretching through yoga poses beneath a canopy of pine trees."

Sea Kayakers Connect with Dying Whale

Spokesman Review March, 2015

Coeur d’Alene-based sea kayaking guides connected in a personal if not spiritual way to a baby whale destined to die on a Mexico beach.

“I’ll never forget the look in that eye,” said Michelle Darnell, back in the ROW Adventures office last week.

Baja Aventura

The Best Water Excursions for 2015

Men's Fitness March, 2015

"If you'd like to paddle through a stretch of water affectionately known as "Hellgate" then... tame the Lochsa of Idaho."

Action-Packed Getaways: Top Places to Film Fantastic GoPro Footage

The Active Times March, 2015

One of the wildest rivers in all of America the Lochsa is home to more than 60 thrilling rapids, most of which are class III to IV. Nearby River Dance Lodge offers guests the chance to experience the river’s photo-worthy excitement through guided rafting trips with ROW Adventures. Rafters will have the chance to capture extreme action footage while making their way down the river’s rugged waters, as well as the opportunity to snap serene, scenic shots while pausing for a break on a small island that’s home to towering, 200-foot tall white pine trees.

Fusion Safaris: Top 12 Fitness And Food Vacations For 2015

Epicure & Culture January, 2015

Here are 12 fitness-minded foodie-adventures, including our Culinary Whitewater Series, for those who love to travel AND eat! Featuring trips that will keep you active by day, and enjoying local wines and cuisine by night, the list includes both U.S.-based and international destinations. From skiing to river rafting to snorkeling, it's all in here.  

Backpacker Magazine's "Hiker's Life List" #92: See the Ocean Catch Fire

Backpacker Magazine Hiker's Life List December, 2014

"Liquid Lightning" - that's how Backpacker Magazine's Editor in Chief, Dennis Lewon, describes his moonless night of kayaking off of Baja's Isla Carmen in the Sea of Cortez. Fortunate to have been there when bioluminescent plankton were lighting up the warm waters, Lewon lists the many reasons that "sea kayaking belongs on anyone's life list - rugged islands, soft beaches, whales, turquoise water - but going during a peak bioluminescent plankton bloom elevates the experience to the top of the list."

Baja Aventura