Introducing Our Travel Brand - Adventure Unbound ®

Adventure Unbound SnorkelingWe gave our international adventures a new name!

In 1979 ROW’s roots were planted lovingly on the banks of the river canyons of the American West, taking people rafting on wilderness rivers.  Our roots took hold and flourished along with our heartfelt mission “Sharing Nature – Enriching Lives.”  For 40 years this purposeful intent has been our guide.  

In 1984 we started operating international trips and as decades passed, we spread further across the globe, adding hiking, biking, sea kayaking, wildlife and cultural journeys.  For these adventures we crafted a new branch named Adventure Unbound ®.  Unbound because, together with you, we travel with unfettered hearts filled with love, open minds eager to learn, and arms wide, ready to embrace people and places around the world.

The mission of Adventure Unbound is “Travel the Transforms™."  Transformation speaks to a significant change, an enlightenment of self, a new way of being.  It’s a lofty idea to think that travel could offer this, yet it does, if the traveler is willing. Ultimately, transformation is personal and self-directed.  Our goal is to set the stage that gives you the opportunity and support for discovering the world within and without.

We invite you to share this world with us!  With your help we will continue to build community within and across borders, to spread smiles and hope wherever we go and be a positive force for good.

You can visit all our offerings in more than 20 countries around the world, including our most popular destinations: Cuba, Peru, Galapagos, Patagonia, Croatia and the Polar regions by going to our new website.  As for ROW Adventures, that name is alive, well and strong and we will continue to strengthen it as the greatest "rafting and river trip brand" in the world!


Some of our guest favorites from around the world:

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