If you love rafting down the rivers, camping under the stars, eating dutch oven meals, and exploring the wilderness with reckless abandon, you also likely love beards.

ROW Adventures has a fine collection of beards, but only some are featured here. To truly experience the beards of ROW, you must book a river trip. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the most rugged, wild, and stylish beards of the river-runners of the Inland Northwest.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, the boys with the beards:

Mo Mullenax Whitewater Rafting Guide

World travel is his top priority in life, and experiencing places seldom traveled makes him thankful for any opportunity here or there. He also has a passion for climbing, biking, skiing, and backpacking. "Adventure is constantly around the next bend in the river and it is up to each of us to choose our own path toward destiny," Mo says. 


Peter Metcalf Whitewater Rafting Guide

In addition to river guiding, he has also taught environmental education courses in Montana and Central America, worked as a journalist, and referees high school basketball.  When not on the river, he is likely to be found knee deep in a Montana trout stream, watching birds, hunting for elk, telemark skiing, sharing conversations over a local IPAs, or reading a good book.


Mark Bayless Whitewater Rafting Guide

As a kid, Mark was a boy scout and spent a significant amount of time going RV-ing with his grandparents. He fell in love with the rivers and big water of Idaho, and considers “floating down a big river and sharing big smiles” the most amazing experience he’s ever had.


Erik Spinney Whitewater Rafting Guide

A man of many skills, Spinney can fix nearly anything with a Leatherman and bailing wire.  Don’t tell, but he also has a secret celebrity crush on Adele. Quick with a joke or friendly conversation, he also cooks a mean prime rib and wears the most mysterious looking PFD on the river.


Jonathan Ostrow Whitewater Rafting Guide

A lover of fly, spin, deep sea, and spear fishing, you are most likely to find Jonathan near a body of water year-round. After moving to Idaho at the age of 8, he fell in love with the region and all it has to offer. Jonathan has great stories about his travels, from flying in a helicopter over Israel, to overcoming sea sickness on a fishing trip in Mexico, to guiding trips for at-risk youth in Idaho.


Ben Higgs Whitewater Rafting Guide

Growing up in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Ben explored the mountains and rivers of north Idaho on skis, in canoes, kayaks and rafts. A Certified Interpertive Guide, he is adept at relaying the local flora and fauna as well as colorful characters who have hid out in our state.


Connelly Brown Whitewater Rafting Guide - Manager

One of the quirkiest and most pleasant of people, CB is all about keeping it mellow and making memories on the river.  Whether it is fishing for sturgeon, charging the big hits, telling stories or leading a hike, CB has a way of making your experience unique.  He is also a Certified Interpretive Guide.


Peter Grubb Founder

Certified by the National Association of Interpretation as a Certified Interpretation Guide, Peter also completed certification in 2004 to train other guides in the art of cultural and natural history interpretation. He also speaks French and plays the guitar. ROW's administrative duties keep Peter in the office more than he'd probably like, but his heart is still on the river. And hey, traveling the world several months out of the year isn't so bad either!



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