New in Namibia: Huab Under Canvas Camp

Posted on Monday, Mar 27th, 2017
Huab Under Canvas Camp

Secluded within the wild bounds of Namibia. Burrowed within groves of Mopane trees. Sitting off the shores of a Huab River tributary. Embedded within the heart of the desert-adapted black rhino’s habitat, lies the ultimate Namibian experience: Huab Under Canvas.

From our onset, ROW Adventures has been dedicated to crafting journeys for those who want to immerse themselves in nature—for those who want to connect with the earth they walk on, the cultures and people they meet and the wildlife they encounter. We believe in personal, up-close journeys to wild places, and journeys that preserve wild places. 

Rarely has a trip been so synonymous with these objectives than our new Huab Under Canvas pioneering safari. This Namibian camp is designed to offer an authentic “back to nature” experiential safari. With its canvas tents sitting on raised mobile platforms, low environmental footprint and innate sense of freedom, Huab Under Canvas produces the ideal intimate Namibian experience for those hoping to experience its remote, scenic and wild side.

What You'll See

The camp is located in one of Damaraland’s most vibrant, pristine ecosystems. Ochre-purple mountains create an unchanging sunset. Sun-baked desert flats and dunes give way to the Atlantic’s chilly waters and its drifting fogs. Rocky outcroppings, tumbling riverbeds, and sweeping grasslands create vast corridors for wildlife.

You’ll see much of that wildlife on this journey. Beyond the legendary black rhinos (one of the last of the shrinking free-range populations), you’ll frequently spot leopards, oryx, springbok, steenbok, elephants, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, hyena, jackal, African wild cat, cape fox and more. 

Explore, Experience, Conserve

You have plenty of time to explore the secluded upper Huab River in search of desert-adapted wildlife such as desert-adapted elephants, walk along the Damaraland’s exotic rivers, enjoy 4X4 scenic expeditions and set off on morning rhino tracking excursions.

The Huab Under Canvas Camp joins efforts with the Save the Rhino Trust (SRT)—an NGO instrumental in the the preservation of the endangered, rare desert-adapted black rhino. With conservation in mind, Huab Under Canvas protects the rhino populations during tracking expeditions, provides environmentally-conscious travel methods and invests in water resources for wildlife.

"Under Canvas" Camp Life

Huab Under Canvas emphasizes immersive camping with comfort. The Meru tents are built with mosquito screens, solar lighting, comfortable bedding, a cabinet and bedside table, and en suite flush toilets and accoutrements.

And what’s a safari without tasty food? Great food and drinks are an essential part of an incredible travel experience, and the camp serves delicious, healthy food that incorporates a good dose of fresh local produce.

Excited to Journey Under Canvas? 

Check out our new Namibia Adventure Safari trip featuring the new Huab Under Canvas Camp and experience the solitude, space and wildness that makes Namibia so unique.