Adventures in Cuba

Part of our Adventure Unbound Line:

Uncharted, unprecedented, unbelievable...Cuba Unbound! We introduced the first people-to-people Cuba adventure vacation kayak tour in November of 2015 and are pleased to continue the tradition! The perfect mix of nature and culture, paddling and salsa, this carefully orchestrated trip immerses you in the best Cuba has to offer. Cuba holds a unique charisma as the Caribbean’s wild island. Cuba’s wildness extends beyond its stretches of untouched forests and coral reefs. Its wildness lies in its essence—its indefatigable spirit, its zeal for life that percolates into its music and dance, and its palpable enthusiasm for its people and country. Cuba catches the imagination and inspires it, a quality that has drawn writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Graham Greene to sing praises for this vibrant island.