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Middle Fork of the Salmon Rafting

The Premiere Idaho Rafting Trip
Among whitewater rafting rivers, the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho is a legend. The pure, clear, free-flowing river drops 3000 feet during its 105 mile Idaho rafting journey through...
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September 2017
Rafting 5-6 Days Adult:
$1715 - $2230

$1615 - $2040

Min. Age: 7 (12 at high water)

Rafting Hells Canyon

A Snake River Whitewater Trip
Snake River through Hells Canyon Rafting One of America's greatest rivers has played host to ROW Adventures' guest for over 25 years.  If you have not experience the great...
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Rafting, Family Focus 3-6-Days Adult:
$990 - $1565

$860 - $1285

Min. Age: 8 (12 in the months of May and June)

Rogue River Rafting

Oregon Rafting Adventure
Rogue River rafting is unlike anything else in the United States. Where else can you raft a wilderness river and stay in a comfortable lodge each evening? We are one of few river outfitters...
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September 2017
Rafting, Lodge Based 3-4 days Adult:
$895 - $1375

$795 - $1265

Min. Age: 7
EUROPE Croatia

Taste of Croatia

An Epicurean Voyage on Yacht & Foot
A colorful blend of old Europe, Croatia's coastline reminds guests of an ancient, beautiful world. ROW Adventures boasts this epicurean voyage for small groups to explore the...
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September 2017
June and September Departures starting from $4190
Cruising, Special Interest, Yacht or Cruise Based 1-9 Days Adult:

NORTH AMERICA Wyoming, National Parks

Yellowstone Unbound - National Parks Tour

“Now and then we hear the wilder voices of the wilderness”—Theodore Roosevelt Since Yellowstone National Park was established in 1872, it has been a sanctuary for the wilder voices of the wilderness....
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Multisport, Walking & Hiking, Wildlife Focus 6 days Min. Age: 8
NORTH AMERICA Canada, British Columbia

Orca & Humpback Expedition

Kayaking in British Columbia - 6 day
Located in an incredible glacier-carved waterway, are the beautiful Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound. From July to September, both orcas and humpbacks come together in this area to...
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Kayaking, Wildlife Focus 6 days Min. Age: 14 years - must be in tandem with adult

Hiking the Snake River in Hells Canyon

Journey Through America's Deepest River Gorge
In 1989, ROW Adventures pioneered the concept of raft-supported hiking and walking tours on the Snake River in Hells Canyon, Idaho. Our walking trips and hiking vacations...
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Walking & Hiking 5 Days Min. Age: 7

Alaskan Small Ship Adventure

An Adventure Cruise
An adventure cruise aboard a mothership sea kayaking yacht through the enormous wilderness of southeast Alaska will open your eyes to leviathan whales, countless eagles, bears catching wild salmon, sea...
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Departs Weekly, May - September. Starting at $4050 per person. Kayaking, Walking & Hiking, Cruising, Yacht or Cruise Based 6 - 14 Days Min. Age: 12

Middle Fork of the Salmon Walk

A Journey through Alpine Wilderness
While many people have floated the Middle Fork, few take advantage of the beautiful trail that runs along most of its course. These trips offer you a chance to hike some 48 miles over six...
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September 2017
Walking & Hiking 6 Days Adult:

Min. Age: 12

Rogue River Hiking

An Oregon Walking Adventure
Oregon Adventure – the famous river trail along the Rogue River is considered to be one of the greatest North American hiking trails. Historical sites abound along the Rogue River trail and our...
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Walking & Hiking, Lodge Based 4 days Min. Age: 12
NORTH AMERICA Canada, British Columbia

Kayak with Orcas - Johnstone Strait

Kayaking in British Columbia - 4 day
The Johnstone Strait is a magical, glacier-carved waterway that is truly a sea kayaking dream. With gorgeous summer weather, glass-calm waters, and some of the most spectacular...
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Kayaking, Wildlife Focus 4 days Min. Age: 12 years, 9 for Family specific dates