Our guests agree that ROW guides are the most important element in the success of their adventure with us. Whether it’s a river guide out West, a yachting guide in the Mediterranean, or a sea kayak guide in the Galapagos, we are proud to have some of the best in the business.

ROW's mission is "Sharing Nature – Enriching Lives" and we strive to realize this on every one of our adventures. Along with extensive training and certification in First Aid, River Rescue and other outdoor skills, over 75% of our USA-based guide staff are trained as Certified Interpretive Guides through the National Association of Interpretation. Interpretation in this context means our guides are trained to communicate their knowledge with you in a way that will connect you to the places we visit in a personal and relevant way, so that your vacation with us is that much more enriching.

Peter Grubb & Betsy Bowen


Peter founded ROW back in 1979, after discovering river running on the East Coast. He attended St. John's in Annapolis, MD and has traveled throughout the world. His studies in the "Great Books," mythology, and western civilization led him to Turkey, where he led ROW's tours for over a decade. Certified by the National Association of Interpretation as a Certified Interpretation Guide, Peter also completed certification in 2004 to train other guides in the art of cultural and natural history interpretation. He also speaks French and plays the guitar. He lives with his wife Betsy Bowen and has two kids, Mariah and Jonah, who are now out of the house making their own adventures around the world.

Co-founder of ROW, Betsy has safely made the transition from expert kayaker and skier to the challenging world of motherhood. A favorite among guides, she led ROW trips in Idaho and Turkey prior to the birth of her daughter Mariah (born 1991) and Jonah (born 1993). Betsy is a talented potter and when not caring for her children, she loves working in her studio.

Although Peter and Betsy do not work in the day-to-day much these days at the ROW Family of Companies (ROW Adventures, Adventure Unbound, Sea Kayak Adventures) -- they still are a wealth of knowledge, experience, and most importantly, care and support to the rest of the team.

Brad Moss

Brad Moss

Managing Director

From St. Louis, MO, Brad Moss has been working for on our team for nearly a decade. He also serves as the Executive Director of Trusted Adventures, a marketing coalition of the "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth" (National Geographic) and serves on the Destination Marketing Committee for the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene CVBs.  In 2014 he was chosen as Top 20 Under 40 business professionals in the Inland Northwest.

Brad and his wife Sharee have four kids: Finley, Brexton, Olive and Emersyn. He served an LDS mission in Resistenca, Argentina from 2001 to 2003 and still serves in his Church in many capacities. Travels have taken him all around the US and to over 20 countries worldwide.  If he had to choose favorites, it would be Quebec, Philippines, Kenya but "nothing in this world is like the Middle Fork of the Salmon."  He enjoys playing golf, still knows the codes to original Nintendo games (specifically Mike Tyson's Punch Out and Contra) and secretly loves chick-flicks (secret is out!).

Michelle Darnell

Assistant Director - Sales & Marketing

From Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, Michelle has found her home at ROW Adventures as our Sales and Marketing Manager.  Graduating from Whitworth University with a Bachelor’s in Teaching and Kinesiology, Michelle forewent her dreams of teaching in lieu of opportunities in the outdoor recreation industry.  For the past 10 years Michelle has focused her time and energy into roles that support outdoor recreation and travel.  As a new Mom, Michelle has a renewed passion for this work; hoping to inspire the next generation to love, nurture and enjoy our outdoor spaces. 

Michelle and her Family love new adventures, whether it’s exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest or discovering a new International destination, they’re happy when the scenery is new and unexpected. A few favorites are Acadia National Park, Turks and Caicos Islands, and Quebec City.   Michelle is an avid sports fan, loves to cycle, and doesn’t take herself too seriously! If you run into her, she’s likely to have a smile on her face, a coffee in her hand and a few good books ready to go on her kindle app. 

Geoff Jans

Geoff Jans

Managing Director

Geoff arrived at ROW after nearly a decade of expedition guiding, snow safety, and remote operations management experience in Alaska. There, he learned that good things do happen to those who venture North in search of adventure (he met his wife within months of arriving). In pursuit of a greater understanding of the industry that had supported his passion for wild places, he completed a Master’s degree in Tourism Management at Colorado State University. Geoff’s greatest career accomplishment to date was overseeing the grand opening and operations of a successful remote eco-lodge in the heart of Kenai Fjords National Park.  We’re excited to have his experienced perspective in the art of wilderness hospitality leading the operations at ROW.

Morag Prosser

International Sales Manager

Mogs is highly qualified as one of ROW's Adventure Consultants and International trip specialist because, if you have dreamed it, there is a good chance that Mogs has done it! From the first commercial decent of the White Nile in Uganda, to sky diving in New Zealand, to trekking the Golden Triangle in Thailand, to trucking across Iceland, and even wine tasting across Europe. One of her favorite childhood memories is fishing with her dad on Loch Glass in the Scottish Highlands and always catching the bigger fish. Mogs has a Law degree from Aberdeen but when she moved to Idaho she sought a more adventureous career. She resides in Coeur d'Alene Idaho with her husband and three dogs and doesn't let any moss grow under her feet. Mogs first went to the Galapagos on ROW's land-based sea kayaking trip in 2006, and has since been there regularly since, along with many other places in the world that ROW shares with our guests.

Candy Bening

Candy Bening

Domestic Sales Manager

Born in 1964, raised in Santa Cruz, California. WW Rafting guide since 1989: CA, ID, MT. Moved to Idaho in 1993; joined ROW in 1994.
After spending 10 yrs in the high tech industry, Candy made a life altering change and became both a rafting guide and ski patroller. In her near 20 yrs with ROW, she has worked in the field guiding, evaluating, managing and traveling with ROW thus gaining first hand knowledge of all the ID, MT & OR rivers and many of the Int’l vacation experiences including the Galapagos Islands.  Her friendly, outgoing personality as well as her expertise has made her succeed in the office overseeing sales, assisting guests by offering suggestions and solutions to ensure each person/family has the best time ever! Candy, along with her husband and two gilrs, are avid white water rafting enthusiasts. Together they have joined ROW on rivers all over the west.

Laurie Deans

Operations Administrator

A pillar of our office staff, Laurie does much of the behind-the-scenes work that is so critical to making every ROW trip a success. With over 15 years in the office she has a unique understanding of the industry and the adventures we run. Her experience and love of organization helps her excel in her role as Operations Administrator. When she came to ROW she professed a reluctance to go rafting; now she has explored many of our rivers and brings her family along too! Born and raised in North Idaho, she lives in Coeur d'Alene with her husband and two children.

Jason Kruger

Adventure Consultant

Born and raised in Coeur d' Alene Idaho, Jason has always had a great appreciation of getting outdoors.  He attended college at the University of Idaho earning a Bachelors degree in physical education, health, and outdoor program leadership.  Jason enjoys the four seasons that the North-West has to offer and the changing scenery and outdoor opportunities presented with each of the seasons. When not in the office, your likely to find Jason; on the water, wilderness backpacking, hiking, biking, snow skiing, or riding around on motorcycles.

Emily Kinsella

Adventure Consultant
Emily began her work at ROW as a seasonal summer employee and stayed on as a year-round adventure consultant. Having grown up in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, she inherited a love for the outdoors from her father. She brings six years of experience in marketing, and an ineffable spirit to our Coeur d’Alene Adventure Center. She is currently taking business classes at North Idaho College, and in her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, camping, rafting, reading, football and karaoke.

Andy Hayes

Adventure Consultant

Andy, a native of Coeur d’Alene, is the most recent addition to the ROW team.  He graduated from the University of Idaho in 2002, went on to earn advanced degrees in engineering and physical therapy, and embarked on a dynamic career in health care for the past 6+ years.  Along the way, he discovered deep passions for outdoor recreation, as well as learning about the world by seeing and experiencing as much of it as possible.  Andy has traveled widely in the U.S., all over Europe, as well as to Australia and Mexico.  He credits his travels with opening his eyes and his mind to different ways of living, thinking, and being.  “There are very few things with the power to change how a person sees the world, as well as their own place in it.  And travel is at the top of the list.”  Andy recently made his way back to North Idaho after several years of studying and living in Arizona and Oregon.  He also decided to pursue and share his true passions on a full-time basis as an Adventure Consultant at ROW.  He looks forward to his role in enriching the lives of our guests by expanding and facilitating unforgettable adventures in our Sea Kayak division.  Andy is a triathlete, enjoys mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding, backpacking, and doing anything active with his wife Becky and their golden retriever Tubbs.  If he’s not playing outside, he enjoys a good book, a good movie, time with family and close friends, and a good Northwest craft beer with any or all of the above.

Rachel Dodge

Adventure Consultant

Growing up, Rachel was surrounded by adventure as both a livelihood and a way of life. The daughter of two working artists, she traveled around the world with her family to see national parks, monuments, historical exhibits, galleries and museums, and even to visit art villages in Mexico, as well as the homes of other artists in Europe. Whether it was exploring the back country of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, or living abroad in Italy for 6+ years, her passion has always been the travel experience. Closely tied to travel, she also loves art, culture, foreign language, and International law regarding cultural property across borders. As an Adventure Consultant with ROW Sea Kayak Adventures, Rachel gets to combine her passions with the amazing world of nature, wildlife, and the outdoors, while kayaking in some of the most beautiful places in the world. She loves working with our guests to help them create unique, once in a lifetime memories and travel experiences, and has an infectious excitement for life, a passion for people, and an appreciation for the many ways we all come together in this great big world. Outside of work, Rachel volunteers with a local non-profit organizing youth art workshops, exercises her green thumb, geeks out over wine and cooking, and spends time with her puppy, family and friends.

Stephanie Wells-Gray

Cuba Unbound Adventure Consultant

Originally from the Midwest, Stephanie grew up taking trips with her family to the mountains of Montana and Wyoming where she developed an insatiable love for the outdoors. She found her desire for travel as a young adult and has since traveled through Europe, Latin America and Canada, as well as throughout much of the western US. Ten years ago she moved out to the Pacific Northwest in search of new mountains and adventures. There she graduated from Portland State University and focused her studies on marine biology, environmental conservation, and geology. After graduating, she jumped into the adventure and outdoor Industry and has never looked back. Her favorite activities include cycling, backpacking, and mountaineering, and more recently she has taken an interest in paddling and skiing. If it involves the outdoors, she wants to try it!

Stephanie recently relocated to Spokane, Washington and loves all the fresh scenery in her new home. She is excited to keep exploring the world, and couldn’t be happier to share her enthusiasm for travel and adventure with our guests and Cuba Unbound!

Jessica Jolliff

Adventure Consultant

Jessica grew up in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho and has always enjoyed spending time in the outdoors. She began working at ROW Adventures as a seasonal summer employee while finishing up her bachelor's degree in Sociology at the University of Idaho. After graduating from U of I, Jess decided to return to Coeur d' Alene and began working as a year-round adventure consultant for ROW Sea Kayak Adventures. She has always enjoyed traveling around the Northwest and recently developed love for traveling internationally when she took her first trip to London as a part of her Sociology studies. Now that she has the travel bug in her, she's excited to travel to many more locations all over the world, as well as to share her passion for travel by connecting our guests to life-altering travel experiences. When Jessica isn't spending time with her two pups, close friends or family, she enjoys kayaking on the lake, hiking local trails, and painting.