Conor Bell

Rogue River Guide

Conor Bell

River Guide

Guide Since 2014: CO, UT, ID, OR. Joined ROW in 2018. It’s hard to find a guide who doesn’t love what they do, but few can match the boundless enthusiasm Conor brings to the job. Guests and fellow guides were quick to note Conor’s obvious love for rivers and wild landscapes, so much so that he dubbed “Otter Pup” within weeks of arriving at ROW.The nickname makes so, so much sense once you’ve seen him in his summer habitat. Quick to smile, knowledgeable about a variety of rivers and ecosystems, Conor brings his signature energy to every trip. When fall rolls around, he heads back to Grand Junction, Colorado where he studies Psychology at Colorado Mesa University. He is an avid climber and canyoneer, loves sharing nature and wild landscapes, and is mostly pretty good at board games.

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