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Top 20 Foodie Getaways

Seattle Met July, 2011

Paddle in a raft, man your own kayak, or simply 
ride in the guide’s boat, catching glimpses of Indian rock art and homes 
made by Chinese workers during the gold rush...

Wisdom and Whitewater

Cd'A Magazine June, 2011

Take a springtime plunge down the mighty Lochsa River, where the face shots are fast, hard and cold, and the roots of the river culture run deep.

Family Getaways

Private Clubs Magazine June, 2011

On the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which is both a history tour and an adventure, you and the kids will run rapids, visit historic sites, and hik through limber pines while canoeing along the same trail taken by the two famous explorers. Award-winning ROW Adventures recently pinpointed the expedition's Eagle Creek campsite, and this summer's new itinerary will include an in-depth exploration of that area, as well as hiking through a newly discovered canyon...

Adventures, With Children

Wall Street Journal May, 2011

Good news for parents who start twitching at the first note of "It's a Small World": Adventure outfitters have been busy introducing new, family-friendly adventure outings and resurrecting similar itineraries they cut during the recession...

Galapagos Family Travel

Jamaica - White Beaches to Blue Mountains

Outpost February, 2011

Featured in Canada's #1 Adventure Travel magazine! "Though touted as a getaway destination, Jamaica's got a hidden wild side."

Epicurean Adventures

Women's Adventure January, 2011

Taste of Croatia yacht trip featured in Women's Adventure Magazine. "From oysters to suckling pig, and from thyme-infused olive oil to Plavac Mali, a dense red wine, each dinner features the best of that village or island's gastronomy."

Yachting Croatia

Go White-Water Rafting in Style

July, 2010

Culinary Whitewater Series featured in Every Day with Rachael Ray. "There are plenty of tranquil stretches on the 52-mile route, allowing time to appreciate the basalt cliffs and forests of ponderosa pine. Though this trip is suitable for first-time rafters, dozens of rapids with names like Roller Coaster, Devil's Slide..."

Camping Life Features ROW Adventures' Family Magic

Camping Life May, 2010

Trade in the flat screens, video games and cell phones for the longest wild and scenic river in the continental United States. White sandy beaches, bluebird days and star-filled nights, plus the exhilaration of riding rollercoasters of whitewater waves will leave the whole family grinning from ear to ear....

ROW Adventures' Galapagos Trip Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal May, 2010

As the economy shows signs of life, more people are pulling their bags out of closets and returning to the road. With that in mind, we decided to canvass travel companies across the country to get some fresh ideas about how and where to resume your journeys. In the end, we found 10 great trips...

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