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For over 40 years ROW Adventures has been crafting and providing superb outdoor adventures throughout the Pacific Northwest and the world.  Our need for a fleet of electric bikes led us to discussions with Pedego, a premium electric bike brand that shares many of our values.  We discovered that the Pedego electric-bike owner and ROW guest come from the same cloth.  Both are curious, love community and look for companies that provide high quality products and service.  

Our first Pedego Vacations have been located in our own backyard of eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana.  Since our headquarters are in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington, we are intimately acquainted with this spectacular corner of the United States.  As locals, we know the local favorite restaurants, watering holes and places to stay.  We also know and appreciate the cultural and natural history of the area and telling stories along our bike trails is just part of the extra value you find on our trips.

 We are proud our our partnership with Pedego and look forward to welcoming you to discover some of the finest rails-to-trails in the world!

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A Really Fun Tour

This was a really fun tour! The guides—Connor and D.J.—were so patient and accommodating. The pace was comfortable, the scenery beautiful, the food and accommodations excellent.


One of the Best!

My husband and I had so much fun on this trip! Our guides, Conner and Serena, led us through some of the most beautiful bike paths we've ever been on. Their excellent guidance from trail conditions to restaurant suggestions and everything in-between was clear and concise and they did it all with a smile on their face. Each night, the next days plan was explained with complete detail and we were greeted each morning with clean bikes ready to go! We had personally tried to plan this trip on our own but having our luggage transported and most of our meals provided, plus having the knowledge of where to ride to see the best scenery made the guided tour the absolute best choice. The ebikes were so easy to ride, no matter how steep the hill, all we had to do was enjoy the view, stop for pictures, and soak it all in. Our only suggestion would be that more time be allowed on The Route of the Hiawatha, there is so much to see! If you have the chance to take this trip, do it!


Absolutely fantastic tour of some really beautiful country

It was an impressive and well run trip from start to finish, with the experience of three fantastic bike trails, the Centennial, Coeur d’Alene Trail, and the Hiawatha trail. Our host and guides, Connor and Serena were on top of everything throughout the trip, with a detailed briefing of what to expect each day of the trip. The breakfast, lunch and dinner locations were fabulous. Both were always ready to answer questions and show how to work the details of the e bike. The choice of the Pedego Electric Bikes was excellent, ensuring a comfortable ride, and easy to use, even by newbies like us. Literally the only thing we had to do was haul our luggage to the rooms (excellent choice of hotels in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene, and in Kellogg), and plug in our batteries with the provided chargers. We made fast friends with the other riders and enjoyed the conversations on the van rides between trails and accommodations.The trails were broken up into segments, with snacks and refreshments in between. We especially enjoyed the restaurant lunch in Spokane with its view of the lower falls and great food. The guides prepared two lunches which were healthy and delicious. The crowning experiences came at the end, with a ride down and back up the Hiawatha trail and its numerous trestles, tunnels and breathtaking scenery. Our Final day featured a ride from Kellogg to Mullan. We then turned around and rode back to Wallace, where we had time to explore, and enjoy the annual Huckleberry Festival. Our final attraction was a tour of a Silver Mine, with a guide that had worked for many years in the mines. He really gave us the history of the mine, and a feel for what it was like to work in the mines. We highly recommend this tour and are hoping Row will add another e-bike tour! The people, scenery, and the e bikes make it truly memorable, and relatively easy to accomplish with a bunch of senior riders, some (my wife and I) with no or very little experience with the equipment and traversing trails they had never seen or ridden before.

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