Welcome to our Pedego Electric Bike Fleet 

After 43 years in the business, we know that the rubber (raft or bike tire) you ride on each day, is a just as important as the other trip details! Because we're committed to offering an exceptional guest experience, we've selected Pedego Electric Bikes to make up the ROW E-Bike fleet. If you're joining us for a Pedego Vacation or a regular E-Bike tour, you'll be equipped with the best E-bike on the market. 

With the carefully crafted, thoughtfully designed, and expertly specced Pedego E-Bikes, you'll be free to enjoy your journey, focusing on the important parts of your vacation experience! Leave the trip and bike details to us, and spend your time making memories that last a lifetime. 


Carefully crafted for optimal rider enjoyment and comfort, the interceptor will take the work out of peddling, so you can take in the scenery and great company! 

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black pedego e-bike

Interceptor Step-Thru 

Welcome to the Step-Thru! This slight tweak on the Interceptor Classic creates easy access for all riders, without giving up any of the roll and juice of the Classic. 

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Can I bring my own Pedego E-Bike on my Pedego Vacation?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own Pedego E-Bike on any of our Pedego Vacations. 

What if my bike doesn’t fit me when I get there?

Any necessary adjustments will be made to your bike on arrival to ensure it’s comfortable for you to ride. When making your reservation, it’s important that you provide us with an accurate height and inseam measurement (without shoes), so we can secure the right bike for you. If you have any queries about your bicycle fit, our friendly staff are happy to assist.

Can my guide fix my bike if something goes wrong on the trip?

If you're renting a bike from the ROW fleet, we’ll ensure your bike has had service and is in peak riding condition before the start of the trip. En route, your guide will be able to do light maintenance and routine mechanics, such as fixing flat tires, pumping tires up, and adjusting seats. Each of the trailers is well-equipped with a tool kit, spare tires, tubes, and spare batteries. We'll also have a spare bike or two on hand in case something comes up that we're unable to fix in the field.


Can I bring my own pedals and/or seat?

Yes, we encourage you to bring any accessories that you feel comfortable riding with, particularly as we may be covering long distances.