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Peter Grubb & Betsy Bowen


Having discovered whitewater raft guiding on the East Coast while attending college, Peter moved to Idaho in 1979 and founded ROW as a company focused on wilderness rafting trips.  His exposure to the earth's communities through travel, coupled with attendance at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland where he studied the "Great Books," mythology, and western civilization, led he and Betsy to Turkey in 1984 where they launched ROW's first international trip.  ROW has since branched out to over 25 countries throughout the world and Peter usually does the initial research and new tour development.  Peter has a passion for nature, travel, reading and learning and believes strongly in the positive power of travel and the ways it can improve the lives of everyone touched.  He speaks French, basic Spanish, plays the guitar and is still very involved in the company, wearing a number of hats and guiding in the field as time allows.  He has served on a number of Boards, including the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association,  Idaho Rivers United, the Spokane Center for Justice, and the America Outdoors Association. 

Co-owner of ROW, Betsy Bowen was a professional ceramicist prior to her immersion in ROW, and has always been an anchor in the sometimes turbulent seas of business.  A favorite among guides, Betsy led many of ROW's early rafting trips as well as yachting tours to Greece, Croatia and Turkey.  Once her daughter Mariah and son Jonah were born in the early 1990's she transitioned to the challenging world of motherhood, imparting to her children her passions of skiing, art, creativity and giving to others. She has been sanctioned as the "Director of Other Stuff" because of her wide variety of talents including project management, plumbing, wiring and logistical expertise. Her artistic eye is evidenced throughout ROW as well.  Nowadays she is less involved in the day-to-day doings of ROW, but remains a vital part of our team.

Juggling the demands of the ROW Family of Companies (ROW Adventures, Adventure Unbound, Sea Kayak Adventures) keeps life vibrant and Betsy and Peter are both a wealth of knowledge, experience, and most importantly, care and support for the entire team.


Michelle Darnell

Director of Marketing

Michelle has found her home at ROW Adventures as our Director of Marketing.  Graduating from Whitworth University with a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education and Kinesiology, Michelle forewent her dreams of teaching in lieu of opportunities in the outdoor recreation industry.  For the past 16 years Michelle has focused her time and energy into roles that support outdoor recreation and travel.  As a proud mom of two, Michelle has a renewed passion for this work; hoping to inspire the next generation to love, nurture, enjoy, and beocme stewards of our natural resources and outdoor spaces. 

Michelle and her Family love new adventures, whether it’s exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest or discovering a new International destination, they’re happy when the scenery is new and unexpected. A few favorites are Acadia National Park, Turks and Caicos Islands, and Quebec City.   Michelle is a doting mom, an avid sports fan, loves to cycle, and doesn’t take herself too seriously! If you run into her, she’s likely to have a smile on her face, a coffee in her hand and a few good books ready to go on her kindle app. 

Rogue River Rafting
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Tom Scarborough

Area Manager

Guide since 2003: WA, OR, ID. Joined ROW in 2007. Tom has a unique skill set. He is able to recite Dr. Seuss’ poem “The Lorax” from memory, brew a mean pint of beer, drive a bus, milk a cow, cook a tasty Dutch oven lasagna, and write a Microsoft Access database. On top of all that, Tom is a great guide and a wealth of information about the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains. He currently manages ROW’s Rogue River operation where he sings guests to sleep with the smooth sounds of the 70s and his signature number “Waltzing with Bears”. Originally from New York, Tom has a B.S. in Natural Resource Management from Cornell University and an extensive work history ranging from a YMCA summer camp director, to transportation director for a Washington ski area, and finally a river guide. Tom also has a passion for all things bacon, tinkering and pop music.

Guiding Destinations: Rogue River, Owyhee River, Grande Ronde River

ROW Adventure Consultant
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Candy Bening

USA & Rivers Sales Manager

Born in 1964, raised in Santa Cruz, California. WW Rafting guide since 1989: CA, ID, MT. Moved to Idaho in 1993; joined ROW in 1994.

After spending 10 yrs in the high tech industry, Candy made a life-altering change and became both a rafting guide and ski patroller. In her over 25 yrs with ROW, she has worked in the field guiding, evaluating, managing, and traveling with ROW thus gaining first-hand knowledge of all the ID, MT & OR rivers and many of the Int’l vacation experiences including the Galapagos Islands. 

Her friendly, outgoing personality, as well as her expertise, has made her succeed in the office overseeing sales, assisting guests by offering suggestions and solutions to ensure each person/family has the best time ever! Candy, along with her husband and two girls, are avid white water rafting enthusiasts. Together they have joined ROW on rivers all over the west.

Destination Specialties: USA Rivers, Futaleufu River

Favorite Trip: "There is no better place than the river canyon you are in"

Galapagos unbound tour
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Morag Prosser

International Sales Manager

Mogs is highly qualified as one of ROW's Adventure Consultants and International trip specialist because, if you have dreamed it, there is a good chance that Mogs has done it! From the first commercial descent of the White Nile in Uganda to sky diving in New Zealand, to trekking the Golden Triangle in Thailand, to trucking across Iceland, and even wine tasting across Europe. One of her favorite childhood memories is fishing with her dad on Loch Glass in the Scottish Highlands and always catching the bigger fish.

Mogs has a Law degree from Aberdeen but when she moved to Idaho she sought a more adventurous career. She resides in Coeur d'Alene Idaho with her husband and three dogs and doesn't let any moss grow under her feet. Mogs first went to the Galapagos on ROW's land-based sea kayaking trip in 2006 and has since been there regularly since, along with many other places in the world that ROW shares with our guests.

Destination Specialties: You Name It! Galapagos, Peru, Africa, Arctic, Antarctic, Croatia, Patagonia....

Favorite Trip: Taste of Croatia

Salmon River, Idaho
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Connelly Brown

Area Manager

Guide since 1988: WV, CO, CA, MT, ID. Joined ROW in 2002. A native of the Nutmeg State, Connelly Brown (“CB” to most) now resides year round in the mountains of Northeastern Oregon with his wife and two kids. CB has been a guide since, wait for it, the late 1980s. For years he worked as a “migrant wave farmer,” living out of his truck as he followed the snowmelt and work from one river to the next throughout the year.  

In 2002 he joined the ROW team and has served as both a guide and manager. While guiding a ROW trip, he met the woman who would become the love of his life. They now make their home in northeastern Oregon, where CB runs a backcountry ski business. One of the quirkiest and most pleasant of people, CB is all about keeping it mellow and making memories on the river. Whether fishing for sturgeon, charging the big hits, telling stories or leading a hike, CB has a way to make your experience unique. He is also a Certified Interpretive Guide.

Guiding Destinations: Salmon River, Family Magic (Salmon River Canyons)

River Guide

Peter Metcalf

River Guide

Guide since 2002: AK, MT, ID, OR, Costa Rica, Guatemala. Joined ROW in 2008.  ROW’s former Operations Manager and a current PhD student at the University of Montana, Peter loves to tell stories.  In fact, he’s far more likely to share a tale about an early homesteader, discuss western water policy or talk about wolves than remember a joke, even if he’s heard it twenty times.  Born on the prairies of Kansas, Peter grew up splashing through the creeks and sleeping under the stars of western Oregon where his mom ran a Lutheran summer camp.  He ran track and cross country for Whitworth College and later earned an M.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana.  In addition to river guiding, he has also taught environmental education courses in Montana and Central America, worked as a journalist and referees high school basketball.  When not on the river, he is likely to be found knee deep in a Montana trout stream, watching birds, hunting for elk, telemark skiing, sharing conversation over a local IPA or reading a good book.  He looks forward to the day when seeing Salmon on a ROW trip is no longer a rare experience.

Guiding Destinations: Middle Fork, Guest Guide 

snake river guide

Connie Kennedy

Area Manager

Guide since 1985: ID. Joined ROW in 2012. Connie is one of the true veterans of Idaho Whitewater. Born and raised in Nebraska, Connie came to Idaho for a river trip in 1976. A few years, a few more Main Salmon trips and one life-changing National Geographic television special later, she and her husband packed up, left Omaha and moved to Idaho to begin life as river guides. She has now guided every season since 1985, and after hundreds of multi-day trips down the Snake and Salmon rivers has accumulated an astounding number of river miles and a legendary knowledge of Hells Canyon. As a long-time resident of the local canyons, Connie has a lifetime of stories to enrich your trip. Connie lives year round in Riggins, Idaho (“Idaho’s Whitewater Capital”) with her horses, cats, and husband Mike.

Guiding Destinations: Snake River, Salmon River Canyons

river guide in Idaho

Johnny Nelson

Area Manager

From the Silver Valley city of Kellogg, Johnny Nelson has been kayaking since he was a teenager and spent his summer vacations on family camping trips exploring the great outdoors. He says that one of his most treasured childhood memories is sitting on the docks in Harrison and watching the sky ignite with fireworks above. Johnny is currently completing his Associate of Arts in Outdoor Recreation while guiding clients through the wilds of Idaho and Washington. He says it was adventuring on Hawaii’s Molokini Island that sealed his fate to work in the outdoors and pursue a guiding career. When he’s not on the river, Johnny is out hiking with his wife and dogs, playing djembe drums, and cooking up a storm alfresco.

man on a river in a PFD with rocks behind

Trevor Anderson

River Guide

While Trevor works as a school counselor for most of the year, he values the summer when he gets to recalibrate and embark on nature adventures with like-minded people. He’s rafted commercial runs since his 20s but it’s only in the last few years that he’s become more active in the rafting community. One of his favorite memories from guide school was running a clean line through “Satan’s Cesspool” on the South Fork American River. Originally from Longview in Washington State where he grew up on a farm, Trevor is particularly looking forward to guiding on the beautiful Deschutes River in Oregon as he’ll be close to home and his beloved dog Max. Among his most amazing life experiences? Diving with sharks in Fiji! When he’s not on the river, you’ll probably find Trevor twirling fire sticks (without setting himself on fire!)

female in pink and blue whitewater kayak

Claire Pickett

River Guide

Claire Pickett’s first experience with rafting was in high school when she took a trip down the Colorado River’s “Diamond Down” section with her outdoor club. Since then, she has taken on the responsibility of being a guide for the outdoor program at the University of Arizona in Tucson where she is studying a Bachelor of Natural Resources. Not only has she run a Class IV river with very little kayaking experience (resulting in a runaway boat and paddle) but she has a knack for ending up with random bruises, without any recollection of how they got there. When Claire’s not on the river, you’ll probably find her hiking, reading, or traveling (one of her most amazing travel experiences involved venturing deep into a Belizean cave in search of Mayan ruins). 

female river guide

Josie Hoien

River Guide

Hailing from Iowa’s Spirit Lake, Josie is no stranger to being out in the wild. She grew up learning about the natural world with her father, who is passionate about restoring native prairies. Through her geography studies (with certificates in Native American and Indigenous Studies), she’s spent extensive periods researching the outdoors and used to spend her summers sailing, water skiing, and kayaking in Okoboji. Josie says that she feels at home on the water and loves the open-armed and quirky nature of the river community. When she’s not running rivers, Josie is in the dance studio, throwing dinner parties and profiling wine or participating in the Juneau Icefield Research Program. The most amazing thing she’s experienced? The mighty force of the Patagonian wind!

idaho guide in an oar raft

Karoline Woodhead

River Guide

Karoline’s career on the river began in 2014 as a swamper and she’s since completed a degree in Environmental Studies from Lehigh University. But her experience in the rafting world began as a kid when she used to accompany her mom down the Payette River and she says that being on the water has “consumed” her summers ever since. Originally from Boise, Idaho, she believes that her home state is a hidden gem and she’s passionate about sharing its rivers and mountains with people who are experiencing them for the first time. Karoline loves learning about the region’s birdlife and fish (particularly sturgeon and salmon) and describes her special skill as baking pineapple upside-down cake. When reflecting on her most amazing life experiences, she says that spending a night completely alone in the Sawtooth Wilderness as being up there with the best. 

man in pfd holding oars on a yellow raft

Austin Lane

River Guide

Originally from Camden in Arkansas, Austin is an aspiring birder who first got into guiding in 2017 while living in Haines, Alaska. He’s passionate about fostering responsible stewardship of the Chilkat Valley and is involved with the nonprofit Lynn Canal Conservation. One of Austin’s earliest river memories was canoeing Arkansas’ Buffalo River with his mom and getting dumped out and forced to swim a small rapid. Since then, he’s guided on rivers in Colorado, Arizona, and Idaho, with the “Gem State” inspiring him thanks to its pristine wilderness. That being said, it’s the Futaleufu River in Patagonia that stands out in his mind as one of his best adventures of all time. Not only is Austin a trained kinesiologist but he loves playing banjo and mandolin. When he’s not on the river, you’ll probably find him adventuring in the Snowy Mountains.

Croatian Adventure Travel Guide

Ivana Grzetic

Dubrovnik City Guide

Ivana was born and raised in Dubrovnik in a "crazy about the sea" family of scuba divers and sea kayakers. She is a graduate of ACMT (American College of Management and Technology) in Dubrovnik. As Miss Universe Croatia 1998 and a fashion model, Ivana traveled all over the world, including Hawaii, California, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and Europe. She now looks forward to sharing her knowledge and love of the Dubrovnik region and the sea with our guests.

river guide jumping off red raft

Michael (Mike) Mourar

River Guide

Philadelphia-born Mike Mourar has been hooked on rafting since he first flipped on the Lower Youghiogheny River at the age of 12. He’s since completed a BS in Outdoor Adventure Education and an AA in Outdoor Recreation Leadership and has guided trips throughout Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and Costa Rica. He says that it’s the beauty of floating through remote wilderness areas that inspires him to be a guide, with a highlight of his career being NOT flipped on the Grand Canyon’s Crystal Rapid while running the river at 40,000 CFS. One of his most amazing life experiences? Climbing an active volcano in Chile during a full moon. In his free time, Mike likes to play his four-note harmonica or explore scenic backroads on his motorcycle. 

girl posing with a bike on a sandy trail

Anna Pauken

River Guide

Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, Anna has been guiding guests down the rivers of Tennessee, North Carolina, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon since 2016. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and is skilled at plant identification…as well as hula hooping! When reflecting on her childhood, Anna says that days spent bass fishing with her dad are among her most treasured and the feeling of being “so proud” while walking home with a stringer full. When it comes to amazing life experiences, an early morning spent sea kayaking amidst bioluminescence algae off the Georgia coast is up there amongst her best, with a magical sunset and porpoise sighting completing the experience. When not at work, you’ll find Anna hiking trails, reading in the library, or (unsurprisingly) exploring other rivers.

women posing by a rock wall

Reya Fore

River Guide

Seattle-native Reya Fore is one of the newest members of the ROW Adventures team and began guiding in 2022. She is currently studying at Whitman College, which is where she got her first taste of rafting and the river lifestyle. But Reya is no stranger to the outdoors, having backpacked with her parents as a kid and spending many summers swimming in alpine lakes. In fact, one of the most amazing experiences she has had was on one of these adventures when she made eye contact with a big mountain goat. When Reya’s not on the river, she’s busy at college, doing what she describes as “mediocre” cartwheels and climbing trees.

turkey guide on yacht

Alper Ertubey

Turkey Yacht Guide

Alper was a member of one of the first graduating classes of Turkey's professional guide training program in addition to his degree in Engineering. His open, warm personality, stories, singing and endless energy make Alper a favorite among our guests. When he is not leading tours he spends his time investigating new sites and local establishments, traveling throughout Turkey, as well as training other guides. He winters in Istanbul and visits the US frequently.

Ryan Baier

River Guide

A blacksmith by trade, Ryan recently returned to the river to pursue his passion for guiding, which was first ignited in 2008 on the Colorado River. He’s always had a love for the outdoors, with his most vivid childhood memories involving cliff jumping at Westwater Canyon and chasing goats through Lodore Canyon. Ryan loves discovering new landscapes and new rivers, whether it’s in the United States or in one of the 30+ countries he’s visited. Highlights of his global wanderings include standing on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in a snowstorm, walking the legendary Inca Trail, and watching a stampede of wildebeest on the Serengeti plains. He loves good food, good friends, and good stories, and tries to squeeze as much out of life as possible. Ryan's recent endeavors include finishing an Immersive Software Engineering Course and working as a Software Developer, along with Blacksmithing and running his home farm! When he’s not rafting, or working, Ryan’s busy shoeing horses, hiking with his dog “Rooster”, and pursuing his search for the world’s best ramen. (If you see Ryan on the river, please give him a cup of coffee!) :) 


man rowing a raft down a river

Tyler Hesler

River Guide

Originally from Plainfield, Indiana, Tyler holds an Associate’s Degree in Environmental Studies and has been guiding guests along Colorado’s magnificent rivers since 2018. In the winter months, he’s an avid skier and describes one of his most treasured childhood memories as skiing from 10 am to 2 am with his best friend on Indiana’s perfect slopes. While it was skiing that inspired his move to Colorado when he was 18, Tyler quickly developed a love for being on the water. When he’s not river guiding, you’ll find Tyler climbing in the Maroon Bells, juggling, playing guitar, and traveling around in his van. 

man in blue raft holding oars

Brody Myers

Deschutes River Manager

Brody’s first rafting adventure saw him tackle the Deschutes River in his home state of Oregon and he has since gone on to guide in Washington and Idaho. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration from Oregon State University and says his hidden talents include playing the piano and guitar. One of his most amazing life experiences was embarking on a three-month road trip to explore his backyard and ticking off all of the lower 48 states. But when it comes to river adventures, at the top of Brody’s list is kayaking off Husum Falls, a notoriously challenging rapid on the White Salmon River in the Pacific Northwest.  

female sitting in the wilderness

Dylan Manderlink

River Guide

Originally from the urban jungle of New York City, Dylan describes seeing a clear, starry night sky for the first time in the Berkshires as one of her most memorable childhood moments. Her first encounter with rafting was after she moved to Moab in 2016 and she says that watching the sunset over the desert while hiking in La Sals Mountains also left a pretty big impression on her. In Utah, Dylan worked in wilderness therapy for two years and has traveled to 48 of the 50 states (as well as visiting 42 of our 63 national parks! She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Education from Emerson College and when she’s not on the river, you’ll probably find her listening to podcasts, singing, and playing the piano. 

river guide in red raft

Pang Boches

River Guide

Ask Pang (pronounced “Pong”) what the most amazing thing he’s ever experienced is and his answer is simple: nature. After struggling with mental health issues throughout high school in Boston, he attended a wilderness therapy program in Vermont and discovered a love of the outdoors. Today, he’s working towards a BA in Outdoor Recreation and becoming a well-rounded guide who’d eventually like to specialize in wilderness therapy. He loves snowboarding, sailing, mountain biking, and playing soccer, as well as being a passionate activist. When he’s not on the river, Pang is furthering his career and pursuing service work, which has included traveling to Tucson, New Orleans, and Nicaragua. 

female with pink dress and sun hat holding a cat

Andee Dow

Area Manager

Coming soon...

Idaho fishing guide holding cutthroat trout

Michael Laughlin

Fly Fishing Guide

Kansas City-born Michael first started working for ROW as a swamper following his junior year of college. He’s since graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries Biology from Kansas State University and has worked on rivers throughout Idaho and Washington, with the views and the fish among the perks of his job. It’s not hard to tell that Michael’s passionate about angling. His favorite childhood memory is going fishing with his grandpa and hooking his first Westslope cutthroat trout is up there with his most amazing life experiences. When he’s not on the river, you’ll find Michael fly fishing or at his fly tying desk (or maybe even playing with his cat “Zucchini”). 

Guiding Destinations: Coeur d'Alene, St. Joe and Clark Fork Rivers

moyie river in Idaho

Marilyn Nielson

River Guide

While Marilyn might be relatively new to the ROW family, she’s been organizing family and friend float trips since 1999. Growing up in Cheney, Washington, one of her favorite childhood memories was floating through the magnificent Alberton Gorge on the Clark Fork River and she loves seeing other families connect while catching crayfish, shooting water cannons at one another, and relaxing beside the water. Marilyn holds a BS in Wildlife Science from Washington State and an MS in Fisheries from the University of Idaho and worked as a field ecologist for 12 years before moving to Spokane. Aside from being skilled in plant identification, natural history, and cartography, she has a knack for being able to dodge boulders when running the Spokane River.

female sitting on top of deep desert canyon

Kristen Petros

River Guide

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Kristen fell in love with the river around five years ago when a friend took her down the Payette. Since that time, she has worked as a river guide in Montana, taking inspiration from the incredible natural scenery she has encountered and the people she has met along the way. Kristen is a qualified physical therapist who is passionate about treating people with neurological injuries and the geriatric population. Ultimately, she wants to creatively assist people in achieving their highest level of independence so they can explore the world around them. When she’s not on the river or at work, you’ll find her snowboarding, mushroom foraging, and backpacking, with one of her most memorable experiences being climbing to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.  

pacific northwest river guide on paddle boat

Will Catania

River Guide

Coming soon...

female river guide in north idaho

Bridget Guthrie

River Guide

Bridget describes her childhood in Dallas as “idyllic”, with many years spent catching fireflies and geckos, inventing games with the neighbour’s kids, and making movies on the family video camera. She completed guide school in Jackson, Wyoming in 2018 and spent the winter rafting from Northern Wyoming to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico on a 1,900-mile adventure that included hiking, kayaking, and portaging dams. She says that all of her most amazing life experiences involve the outdoors, including trekking in Patagonia, feeling the rush of the Grand Canyon rapids, and navigating the Sand Flats between Utah’s Gates of Lodore and Desolation Canyon. When she’s not discovering the beauty of Idaho’s rivers alongside her guests, you’ll find Bridget reading, skiing, browsing thrift stores, and drinking cold beers on the river bank.