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Aylan Lee

River Operations Manager

Guide Since 2010: WA, OR, ID, MT, Cuba. Joined ROW 2013. Born in Glen Ellen, California, Aylan has been a professional guide since 2010. He holds a BA with honors in Geography with a minor in music from the University of Washington and is presently finishing his masters degree in geography at Portland State University. Aylan’s academic interests lie in understanding how nature, politics, and infrastructure interact and shape landscapes. Outside academia, Aylan has spent the last decade in the outdoor industry, leading and enjoying whitewater trips on rivers across the same landscapes he studies. At the heart of his professional pursuits is a deep desire to connect people to places in meaningful, engaging ways. In doing so, Aylan draws on an extensive leadership and service-industry background. In his spare time, he is an avid cyclist and whitewater kayaker, and a thoroughly middling skier.

Guiding Destinations: Rogue River, Clarkfork River, Salmon River, Cuba

Peter Grubb & Betsy Bowen


Peter founded ROW back in 1979, after discovering river running on the East Coast. He attended St. John's in Annapolis, MD and has traveled throughout the world. His studies in the "Great Books," mythology, and western civilization led him to Turkey, where he led ROW's tours for over a decade. Certified by the National Association of Interpretation as a Certified Interpretation Guide, Peter also completed certification in 2004 to train other guides in the art of cultural and natural history interpretation. He also speaks French and plays the guitar. He lives with his wife Betsy Bowen and has two kids, Mariah and Jonah, who are now out of the house making their own adventures around the world.

Co-founder of ROW, Betsy has safely made the transition from expert kayaker and skier to the challenging world of motherhood. A favorite among guides, she led ROW trips in Idaho and Turkey prior to the birth of her daughter Mariah (born 1991) and Jonah (born 1993). Betsy is a talented potter and when not caring for her children, she loves working in her studio.

Although Peter and Betsy do not work in the day-to-day much these days at the ROW Family of Companies (ROW Adventures, Adventure Unbound, Sea Kayak Adventures) -- they still are a wealth of knowledge, experience, and most importantly, care and support to the rest of the team.

Geoff Jans

Director of Operations

Geoff arrived at ROW after nearly a decade of expedition guiding, snow safety, and remote operations management experience in Alaska. There, he learned that good things do happen to those who venture North in search of adventure (he met his wife within months of arriving). In pursuit of a greater understanding of the industry that had supported his passion for wild places, he completed a Master’s degree in Tourism Management at Colorado State University.

Geoff’s greatest career accomplishment to date was overseeing the grand opening and operations of a successful remote eco-lodge in the heart of Kenai Fjords National Park.  We’re excited to have his experienced perspective in the art of wilderness hospitality leading the operations at ROW.


Michelle Darnell

Assistant Director Sales & Marketing

From Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, Michelle has found her home at ROW Adventures as our Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing.  Graduating from Whitworth University with a Bachelor’s in Teaching and Kinesiology, Michelle forewent her dreams of teaching in lieu of opportunities in the outdoor recreation industry.  For the past 10 years Michelle has focused her time and energy into roles that support outdoor recreation and travel.  As a new Mom, Michelle has a renewed passion for this work; hoping to inspire the next generation to love, nurture and enjoy our outdoor spaces. 

Michelle and her Family love new adventures, whether it’s exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest or discovering a new International destination, they’re happy when the scenery is new and unexpected. A few favorites are Acadia National Park, Turks and Caicos Islands, and Quebec City.   Michelle is an avid sports fan, loves to cycle, and doesn’t take herself too seriously! If you run into her, she’s likely to have a smile on her face, a coffee in her hand and a few good books ready to go on her kindle app. 

Rogue River Rafting

Tom Scarborough

Area Manager

Guide since 2003: WA, OR, ID. Joined ROW in 2007. Tom has a unique skill set. He is able to recite Dr. Seuss’ poem “The Lorax” from memory, brew a mean pint of beer, drive a bus, milk a cow, cook a tasty Dutch oven lasagna, and write a Microsoft Access database. On top of all that, Tom is a great guide and a wealth of information about the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains. He currently manages ROW’s Rogue River operation where he sings guests to sleep with the smooth sounds of the 70s and his signature number “Waltzing with Bears”. Originally from New York, Tom has a B.S. in Natural Resource Management from Cornell University and an extensive work history ranging from a YMCA summer camp director, to transportation director for a Washington ski area, and finally a river guide. Tom also has a passion for all things bacon, tinkering and pop music.

Guiding Destinations: Rogue River, Owyhee River, Grande Ronde River

ROW Adventure Consultant
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Candy Bening

USA & Rivers Sales Manager

Born in 1964, raised in Santa Cruz, California. WW Rafting guide since 1989: CA, ID, MT. Moved to Idaho in 1993; joined ROW in 1994.

After spending 10 yrs in the high tech industry, Candy made a life-altering change and became both a rafting guide and ski patroller. In her near 25 yrs with ROW, she has worked in the field guiding, evaluating, managing and traveling with ROW thus gaining first-hand knowledge of all the ID, MT & OR rivers and many of the Int’l vacation experiences including the Galapagos Islands. 

Her friendly, outgoing personality, as well as her expertise, has made her succeed in the office overseeing sales, assisting guests by offering suggestions and solutions to ensure each person/family has the best time ever! Candy, along with her husband and two girls, are avid white water rafting enthusiasts. Together they have joined ROW on rivers all over the west.

Destination Specialties: USA Rivers, Futaleufu River

Favorite Trip: "There is no better place than the river canyon you are in"

Galapagos unbound tour
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Morag Prosser

International Sales Manager

Mogs is highly qualified as one of ROW's Adventure Consultants and International trip specialist because, if you have dreamed it, there is a good chance that Mogs has done it! From the first commercial descent of the White Nile in Uganda to sky diving in New Zealand, to trekking the Golden Triangle in Thailand, to trucking across Iceland, and even wine tasting across Europe. One of her favorite childhood memories is fishing with her dad on Loch Glass in the Scottish Highlands and always catching the bigger fish.

Mogs has a Law degree from Aberdeen but when she moved to Idaho she sought a more adventurous career. She resides in Coeur d'Alene Idaho with her husband and three dogs and doesn't let any moss grow under her feet. Mogs first went to the Galapagos on ROW's land-based sea kayaking trip in 2006 and has since been there regularly since, along with many other places in the world that ROW shares with our guests.

Destination Specialties: You Name It! Galapagos, Peru, Africa, Arctic, Antarctic, Croatia, Patagonia....

Favorite Trip: Taste of Croatia

Salmon River, Idaho
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Connelly Brown

Area Manager

Guide since 1988: WV, CO, CA, MT, ID. Joined ROW in 2002. A native of the Nutmeg State, Connelly Brown (“CB” to most) now resides year round in the mountains of Northeastern Oregon with his wife and two kids. CB has been a guide since, wait for it, the late 1980s. For years he worked as a “migrant wave farmer,” living out of his truck as he followed the snowmelt and work from one river to the next throughout the year.  

In 2002 he joined the ROW team and has served as both a guide and manager. While guiding a ROW trip, he met the woman who would become the love of his life. They now make their home in northeastern Oregon, where CB runs a backcountry ski business. One of the quirkiest and most pleasant of people, CB is all about keeping it mellow and making memories on the river. Whether fishing for sturgeon, charging the big hits, telling stories or leading a hike, CB has a way to make your experience unique. He is also a Certified Interpretive Guide.

Guiding Destinations: Salmon River, Family Magic (Salmon River Canyons)

River Guide

Peter Metcalf

River Guide

Guide since 2002: AK, MT, ID, OR, Costa Rica, Guatemala. Joined ROW in 2008.  ROW’s former Operations Manager and a current PhD student at the University of Montana, Peter loves to tell stories.  In fact, he’s far more likely to share a tale about an early homesteader, discuss western water policy or talk about wolves than remember a joke, even if he’s heard it twenty times.  Born on the prairies of Kansas, Peter grew up splashing through the creeks and sleeping under the stars of western Oregon where his mom ran a Lutheran summer camp.  He ran track and cross country for Whitworth College and later earned an M.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana.  In addition to river guiding, he has also taught environmental education courses in Montana and Central America, worked as a journalist and referees high school basketball.  When not on the river, he is likely to be found knee deep in a Montana trout stream, watching birds, hunting for elk, telemark skiing, sharing conversation over a local IPA or reading a good book.  He looks forward to the day when seeing Salmon on a ROW trip is no longer a rare experience.

Guiding Destinations: Middle Fork, Guest Guide 

ROW River Guide
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John Hernandez

Area Manager

Guide since 1998: WV, ME, CO, ID, MT, Peru. Joined ROW in 2005. John Hernandez hails from the Biggest Little State in the Union, Rhode Island. He attended at Springfield College where he was an All-American Volleyball Player and earned a Master’s in Outdoor Recreation Management.

While in college he discovered a love of kayaking and started guiding rafts in 1998. After several seasons in West Virginia and a stint in Peru, John headed west to Idaho in 2003 and has guided with ROW ever since.

John brings a huge smile, great boating skills and tremendous sense of humor to the job. If anyone were to convince you there really is such a thing as a left-handed paddle, it would be John. When not providing campfire entertainment, sharing the history of early boating in Idaho or pointing out bighorn sheep, John cooks up great riverside fare, including some fabulous dutch oven lasagna. He is also an avid fly fisherman, beer connoisseur, and sports fan.

Guiding Destinations: Middle Fork, Cuba, Baja

Female River Guide
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Landon Moores

River Guide

Guide since 2010: ID, MT, Baja, Cuba, Galapagos. Joined ROW in 2010. Landon grew up in Tennessee (Go Vols!) before moving West. After a stint in Alaska, her love of the river led her to Idaho. Despite what they tell you, Landon proves that river guides make use of their college degrees. Her Spanish degree helps her navigate Cuba, where she leads a variety of adventure travel trips in the winter. Her M.Ed. in Curriculum Design comes in useful when she designs and gives several guide development workshops and trainings a few times a year. One of ROW’s top interpretive guides, mergansers, coniferous trees and river-based murder mysteries fascinate her. She is also one of those rare river guides who does not own a truck, or any vehicle for that matter. Instead, this self-described “professional passenger” bikes, walks, takes the bus, flies or finagles rides when need be. In the off-season she works with ROW in Cuba. 

Guiding Destinations: Middle Fork, Cuba, Baja

Female River Guide

Lenore Perconti

River Guide

Guide since 2009: ID, MT, OR. Joined ROW in 2008. Lenore grew up in Lewiston, Idaho, a stone’s throw from the confluence of the mighty Clearwater and Snake rivers. As a kid she raised polyphemous moths in the family kitchen and went fishing with her dad on the Lochsa river. While studying for a biology degree from Washington State, she swamped Hells Canyon trips for ROW in the summer of 2008 and got hooked on rivers. She returned to guide the following year and traded a scientific research career for experiencing the natural world with fellow travelers. Her favorite part of guiding in Idaho and Oregon is the rugged remote canyons and free flowing rivers. When not guiding, Lenore now works in Human Resources, specializing in the outdoor industry.

Guiding Destinations: Rogue River

Adventure Travel Guide

Alejandra Mosquera

Adventure Guide

Alejandra was born and raised in Quito. She believes that there is nothing better than opening her eyes and seeing the beauty of the marvelous Andes, their colors, wildlife, and scenery. Even though she never thought about becoming a guide, she realized this activity would be her future during her first trip in the university. She has been sharing her passion and love for Ecuador since 2006, and obtained her Wilderness Advanced First Aid certificate four years ago. In her free time, she likes to explore Ecuador with her four-year-old daughter, Manuela, who shares the same passion for Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands as her mother. She also enjoys outdoor sports including kayaking and stand-up paddling.

Adventure travel guide

Marco Castro

Adventure Guide

Marco was born and grew up in the highlands near Quito within a farmer family. This brought him close to nature; riding horses, hiking mountains, and chasing feral cattle. This lifestyle as a child made him an outdoor man that learned to enjoy nature and open air. He studied tourism administration to be a tour guide which allowed him work in the outdoors and show people his passion for the wonders of Ecuador. Hiking, horseback riding, cycling, and kayaking make Marco feel at home away from home. After 20 years of working as a guide, he has learned to enjoy sharing his knowledge with people. accepting them the way they are, and understanding their needs. He is proud to be able to understand how to make travelers feel safe while visiting this small but awesome country called Ecuador. Due to importance of safety for travelers, Marco obtained Wilderness Advanced First Aid certificate in 2011.

Adventure Travel Guide

Ignacio Anhalzer

Adventure Guide

Ignacio, also known as Nacho, was born and raised in Ecuador. Has practiced all sorts of outdoor sports since an early age, from mountaineering to sea kayaking. This experience motivated him to obtain a degree in Sports Management from Bond University in Queensland Australia. He is currently a NOLS Instructor, WEMT and LNT Master Educator. Nacho has paddled in New Zealand, Patagonia, Denmark and tons in Ecuador. Nacho is WAFA certified since 2015. When he is not guiding, he is taking care of his own outdoor education company in mainland Ecuador.

Jonas Seiler

River Guide

Guide since 2014: ID, CO. Born and raised in Steamboat Springs, CO, Jonas can't remember life before rafting. While most children took their naps at home, Jonas recalls taking his naps in a raft...mid-rapids! His sense of oneness with the outdoors led him to pursue his Bachelor of Science at Colorado State University, where he studied Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism. His favorite thing about guiding in Idaho is the warm weather, great whitewater, incredible scenery, intriguing wildlife, and sense of solitude. When not on the river, you can find Jonas skiing, backpacking, climbing, fly fishing, or traveling. Fun fact: Some of his hidden talents include speaking Danish and juggling!

Guiding Destinations: Snake River, Salmon River, Middle Fork, Family Magic (Salmon River Canyons)

Corsica travel guide

Claudia Cristofari

Adventure Guide

Claudia was born in Corsica and did her studies at the University of Corsica. She always liked the English language and culture, so she started with an English degree. As the university is surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes of the island, it was during her time there that she realized how much she loved the island, its cultural and historical wealth and the diversity of its nature. As such, becoming a licensed guide was a very natural decision. 

Claudia's year of training allowed her to study various topics such as the history of the Mediterranean, art history, the Corsican culture, traditions and language, the island's fauna, flora and geology among other things. Her studies stimulated her curiosity and encouraged her to travel. 

Following her studies Claudia spent nearly a year in England improving her English before coming back to Corsica to start to work as a guide. Claudia has been guiding tours for over three years now and has found the work of being a tour guide is not only a job but also a passion. She loves sharing her passion and excitement for Corsica with all of our Guests. 

Corsica Travel Guide

Francois Bartoli

Adventure Guide

François Bartoli is one of the Corsican pioneers for outdoor sports and activities in Corsica. In 1980, he started organizing sea-kayaking trips and then developed other activities like canyoneering, hiking and mountain biking. 

Together with his team, he created, planned and supervised lots of events, from multi-sport races to world championship trials. Thanks to those different experiences, he now has a deep expertise for organizing and supervising multi-activity trips and events in Corsica. 

Stephanie Wells-Gray

Cuba Unbound Adventure Consultant

Originally from the Midwest, Stephanie grew up taking trips with her family to the mountains of Montana and Wyoming where she developed an insatiable love for the outdoors. She found her desire for travel as a young adult and has since traveled through Europe, Latin America, and Canada, as well as throughout much of the western US. Ten years ago she moved out to the Pacific Northwest in search of new mountains and adventures.

There she graduated from Portland State University and focused her studies on marine biology, environmental conservation, and geology. After graduating, she jumped into the adventure and outdoor industry and has never looked back. Her favorite activities include cycling, backpacking, and mountaineering, and more recently she has taken an interest in paddling and skiing. If it involves the outdoors, she wants to try it!

Stephanie recently relocated to Spokane, Washington and loves all the fresh scenery in her new home. She is excited to keep exploring the world, and couldn’t be happier to share her enthusiasm for travel and adventure with our guests and Cuba Unbound!

Destination Specialties: Cuba

Favorite Trip: Cuba Unbound Signature Tour

snake river guide

Connie Kennedy

River Guide

Guide since 1985: ID. Joined ROW in 2012. Connie is one of the true veterans of Idaho Whitewater. Born and raised in Nebraska, Connie came to Idaho for a river trip in 1976. A few years, a few more Main Salmon trips and one life-changing National Geographic television special later, she and her husband packed up, left Omaha and moved to Idaho to begin life as river guides. She has now guided every season since 1985, and after hundreds of multi-day trips down the Snake and Salmon rivers has accumulated an astounding number of river miles and a legendary knowledge of Hells Canyon. As a long-time resident of the local canyons, Connie has a lifetime of stories to enrich your trip. Connie lives year round in Riggins, Idaho (“Idaho’s Whitewater Capital”) with her horses, cats, and husband Mike.

Guiding Destinations: Snake River, Salmon River Canyons

Croatian Adventure Travel Guide


Adventure Guide

Our Croatia guide Jelena loves outdoor sports and she joined our team last year. She is also yoga and Pilates instructor, an alpinist climber and a skier and she graduated from the faculty for economics. 

Embedded thumbnail for Rachel Dodge

Rachel Dodge

Adventure Consultant

Growing up, Rachel was surrounded by adventure as both a livelihood and a way of life. The daughter of two working artists, she traveled around the world with her family to see national parks, monuments, historical exhibits, galleries and museums, and even to visit art villages in Mexico, as well as the homes of other artists in Europe.

Whether it was exploring the backcountry of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, or living abroad in Italy for 6+ years, her passion has always been the travel experience. Closely tied to travel, she also loves art, culture, foreign language, and International law regarding cultural property across borders.

As an Adventure Consultant with ROW Sea Kayak Adventures, Rachel gets to combine her passions with the amazing world of nature, wildlife, and the outdoors, while kayaking in some of the most beautiful places in the world. She loves working with our guests to help them create unique, once in a lifetime memories and travel experiences, and has an infectious excitement for life, a passion for people, and an appreciation for the many ways we all come together in this great big world.

Outside of work, Rachel volunteers with a local non-profit organizing youth art workshops, exercises her green thumb, geeks out over wine and cooking, and spends time with her puppy, family, and friends.

Destination Specialties: Baja, Corsica, Croatia, Scotland, British Columbia

Favorite Trip: God's Pocket Kayaking

Vedat Asllani

Adventure Guide

Vedat was born in Tirana, Albania. He grew up in Tirana until he left for Milan for completing the studies in Law at Universita La Cattolica, Milan. After that he returned in Albania and he worked for several years in a Financial Institution in Albania in different directing positions. He always loved exploring the Albanian nature until he left his office job for dedicating himself completely to the tour guide carrier four years ago. During this time he has led many hiking, kayaking and cultural tours throughout Albania. He does his job with great love and passion. 

ROW River Guide

Brian Kohl

River Guide

Guide Since 1999: CA, CO, AZ, ID, MT. Joined ROW in 2014. A boater since high school, Brian has an impressive guiding skill-set and has benefitted from a two-decade whitewater career. While Brian’s impressive river resume makes him a valuable asset to the ROW team, folks most often remark about his steadfast enthusiasm and eclectic passions. An accomplished ceramic artist, Brian holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from California State University, Fullerton and teaches ceramics at the college and elementary school levels. For personal enjoyment, Brian competes in kickball for the World Adult Kickball Association and plays the American flute (a real highlight on river trips).   

Guiding Destinations: Middle Fork, Lochsa River

John Liley

Barge Owners

The 'Luciole' is owned by John and Penny Liley who, between them have fifty years experience of hotel barging! Previously, John was editor of a leading British yachting magazine, while books he has written include France-the Quiet Way, an exploration of the entire canal and river system of France. These early journeys inspired him to select the Nivernais cruising area and establish the present hotel-barge business in 1976. This was with another barge, 'Secunda', fore-runner to 'Luciole'. Continually updating the fittings and furnishings on board, Penny and John, with Captain Stephane Pignard, ensure the smooth-running of each cruise. Penny first worked on the 'Luciole' as a chef in 1986, and has since played a major role in creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere on 'Luciole', where a feeling of calm and attention to detail is apparent as soon as one steps aboard.

Baja Naturalist Guide

Mario Alberto Escalera Gómez

Naturalist and Sea Kayak Guide

Native of Mexico City, when he was 6 years old he saw his first whale and after that, he decided he wanted to be a marine biologist. Now he is a graduate of the University of Baja California Sur. He works in environmental education and sustainable development workshops with a group of young teenagers he cofounded in La Paz. He believes that the proper education is the keystone for our societies to do the first step to sustainable societies and thus responsible use of our resources.

Female River Guide

Madeline Thomlinson

River Guide

Guide Since 2015: ID, MT, WA. Joined ROW in 2015. A third-generation river guide, Madeline was more or less born to guide Idaho’s wild rivers. She’s a talented river chef, a practiced rower, and itinerant world traveler (having grown up in Europe and worked in Nepal). While Madeline’s coworkers appreciate her indefatigable and positive outlook, guests are likely to be impressed by her language abilities in French, German, and Nepali, as well as her knowledge of Salmon and Snake river history. Currently a student of International Agribusiness at Utah State University, Madeline spends her (often precious) free time fly fishing, skiing the Wasatch, and playing with her giant Labradoodle, Fozzy Bear.

Guiding Destinations: Snake River, Salmon River, Family Magic (Salmon River Canyons)

Croatian Adventure Travel Guide

Ivana Grzetic

Dubrovnik City Guide

Ivana was born and raised in Dubrovnik in a "crazy about the sea" family of scuba divers and sea kayakers. She is a graduate of ACMT (American College of Management and Technology) in Dubrovnik. As Miss Universe Croatia 1998 and a fashion model, Ivana traveled all over the world, including Hawaii, California, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and Europe. She now looks forward to sharing her knowledge and love of the Dubrovnik region and the sea with our guests.

river guide on salmon river

Cayla Sanderson

River Guide

Guide since 2014; ID, MT, OR. Joined ROW in 2014. Born and raised in the small town of Page, Arizona Cayla had no choice but to love the outdoors. Her family spent many summers on the Colorado River and Lake Powell, enjoying water sports and camping trips. After completing her bachelor's degree in Geography at Portland State University, Cayla went on to work as a River Jester for ROW Adventures in 2014. She soon became one of the white water guides, guiding on the Salmon, Snake, Rogue, Clark Fork, Missouri and Moyie Rivers. Being able to show others the true raw beauty of nature is what she lives for as a guide. When Cayla is not rafting, she is exploring the world through hiking, camping, climbing, painting and simply geeking out on life! 

Guiding Destinations: Middle Fork, Rogue River, Lochsa River, Salmon River, Family Magic (Salmon River Canyons)

Alper Ertubey

Turkey Yacht Guide

Alper was a member of one of the first graduating classes of Turkey's professional guide training program in addition to his degree in Engineering. His open, warm personality, stories, singing and endless energy make Alper a favorite among our guests. When he is not leading tours he spends his time investigating new sites and local establishments, traveling throughout Turkey, as well as training other guides. He winters in Istanbul and visits the US frequently.