Oregon offers innumerable opportunities for adventurous rafting. From steep mountain creeks to desert canyons and lush scenic gorges, Oregon has something for every taste and ability. Since 1979, ROW Adventures has guided rafting trips and you can count on our experienced guides for exceptional service.

Oregon Rafting

Hells Canyon Rafting- 3-5 day trips on the Snake River that borders Idaho and Oregon is our most popular Oregon rafting trip. Guests blow through rapids and awe at the deepest canyon in North America. This trip represents Oregon's rafting at its finest.

Rogue River Rafting - 3 and 4 day rafting trips on the iconic Rogue River.  We are one of the only companies on the Rogue River to deliver both a lodge-to-lodge rafting option and a camping option.

Grande Ronde River Rafting - 3-5 day trips. From the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest to the Oregon-Washington state line, this river offers outstanding scenery, float boating, salmon and steelhead fishing, wildlife winter range, and cultural resources. ROW Adventures offers multi day rafting trips on the Grand Ronde River in Oregon where you will experience nature like never before while rafting down Class III Rapids.

Watch out for mule deer, elk, black bears, cougars, and bighorn sheep that inhabit the river corridor. The Nez Perce, Umatilla, Walla Walla, and Cayuse Indians lived in the reaches of the Grande Ronde. During your rafting trip you'll see evidence of the cultural history in the form of historic and prehistoric places and objects on the public lands. Because of the remote nature of the river canyon, vehicle access is often impossible and the conveniences of civilization are few which makes it all the better for true wilderness rafting.

Owyhee River Rafting - 4-17 day trips. From the Owyhee Reservoir to the Oregon/Idaho border, the Owyhee flows through a remote, arid and almost unpopulated area. Much of the river cuts through deeply incised canyons that, along with canyon rims, are home to mountain lions, bobcats, mule deer, California bighorn sheep, and a large variety of raptors.

The most remote, isolated wilderness white water rafting trips in the lower 48 States! These desert rivers flow from the mountains of northern Nevada through enchanting canyon lands similar to Utah’s Bryce or Zion National Parks. ROW Adventures is one of the few outfitters on earth who have permits to raft the Owyhee River in Oregon. We take special consideration and respect this area (and all that we visit) and leave no trace behind as we guide visitors down the river. Oregon rafting in the Owyhee River.

Oregon Hiking

Oregon Adventure - Rogue River hiking adventure that explores this beautiful Wild and Scenic region. They are all 4 day trips, raft supported and lodge-to-lodge hiking.

Oregon Kayaking

Not many outfitters provide guests with the intimate opportunity to get up close and personal in kayaks during a rafting trip. Even fewer designate excursions solely to kayaking. ROW Adventures runs Oregon "kayak only" trips on the Owyhee River and kayaking options are welcome on all of our rafting trips in Oregon. The trip takes guests on an exploration of the newest protected Wilderness and our "duckies" are perfect for those whitewater sections of the Owyhee.

What are duckies? Duckies are your own inflatable kayaks. Each person or couple will paddle and ride in their own personal duckie during an Oregon kayaking adventure. Of course, per request, we can bring along duckies on any one of our rafting trips in Oregon. We welcome and enjoy kayaking enthusiasts.

Owyhee River Kayaking Trips - ROW Adventures runs the Upper Owyhee East and South Fork kayak trips. Expeditionary is style and one of the only ways to explore this area of the world with guided professionals.

Oregon Fly Fishing

Grande Ronde River Fly Fishing - 3-5 day guided fly fishing tours. The Grande Ronde is a fast flowing, gentle river that flows through northeastern Oregon and southwestern Washington. Warm water makes the scenic Grande Ronde River one of the finest steelhead fishing rivers in the Pacific Northwest.