Experience Family Magic Rafting on the Salmon River

Family Rafting Tour
Visit Idaho February, 2019

"The Lower Salmon Canyon stretch of the Salmon River is the ideal setting for a family trip.  There are plenty of calm stretches to jump in and at 64 degrees Fahrenheit, the water is cool enough for a leisurely swim, but not enough to take your breath away.  The giant white sand beaches we camped at were just as beautiful and exotic as a white sand beach in Mexico. And, no bugs!  The guides set up tents for us, but we didn’t use them once; the girls and I slept outside under the stars every night.  Lying there with my daughters staring up at a giant sky of stars, pointing out satellites and shooting stars was a high point of my trip.  It still brings warmth to my heart looking back to those sweet quiet moments we had gazing at the sky and falling asleep together." - Chad Case

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