"Crystal air, incredible vistas, and uncrowded landscapes set the stage for recreation and adventure. The potential for rafting, hiking, kayaking and canoeing in Big Sky country is endless, and each adventure is an introduction to another exciting area to explore. The rewards of your effort can be felt in the breeze of the wind, the scent of fresh pine, and the resounding call of the eagle."

Since 1979 ROW Adventures has been a staple in Montana rafting and Montana canoeing adventures. The towering Rocky Mountains divide the state and offers a mountainous region on the west and beautiful plains on the east. Montana is the 4th largest state in land mass but ranks 44th in population. For years visitors from all over the world look to follow the footsteps of explorers in this all but untouched land.

Montana Rafting with ROW Adventures

Montana offers many rivers great for whitewater rafting. But the Clark Fork River separates itself from the pack and offers some of the best whitewater rafting in the country. ROW Adventures has taken thousands of guests on one day rafting trips to the Clark Fork which has proved to be a favorite adventure for rafters of all skill levels. You'll find Class III Rapids as you cut through deep canyons and experience a piece of nature unlike any other in the Americas. Trust ROW Adventures, a company that was rated among the "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth," to take you on your next Montana rafting adventure.

Clark Fork River Rafting: 1 day rafting adventure with Class II-III rapids, warm water, calm pools between rapids. Great one day rafting adventure!

Montana Canoeing with ROW Adventures

The Missouri River allows canoers to experience Montana in the spirit of Lewis and Clark. One of our most popular trips is the:

"Lewis and Clark Expedition - Montana Canoeing". On 34 foot voyager canoes, ROW Adventures will take you through five days of adventure, canoeing, and interpretation. You'll experience nature, visit Native American culture sites, and camp where Lewis and Clark set up their tents. Missouri River canoe trips in Montana are a great way to enjoy your next vacation.

Montana Kayaking with ROW Adventures

Many of our guests on the Clark Fork River also want to experience whitewater kayaking. ROW Adventures delivers Montana kayaking on "duckies". What are duckies? Duckies are your own inflatable kayaks. Each person or couple paddles and rides in their own personal duckie making your Montana kayaking adventure on the Clark Fork River intimately close to the water!  Ask about our kayaking option on the Clark Fork River rafting trips.