Kosher Rafting and Adventure Travel Tours

ROW Adventures can provide Rafting, Raft-Supported Hiking or Sea Kayaking Kosher Adventures in a variety of destinations. Since 2015 we have been committed to dialing in our systems and procedures to follow Kosher standards. This originated when we saw missing access to outdoors recreation and adventure travel for this community. We graciously took on that challenge to meet a need that wasn’t being fulfilled in the industry. We are pleased to have gathered the resources, tools, materials, and necessary knowledge to now offer a completely kosher adventure travel experience, catered to you and your group.

For Kosher communities time in the backcountry may seem challenging. We’re here to bring the outdoors to you and ensure your values are cared for and supported so you can enjoy an adventure. Completely Kosher river trip experiences are available by charted groups only. We are only able to provide a kosher experience this way as we do not typically follow kosher dietary needs on prearranged departure dates. If you wish to join a prearranged departure date on a vegetarian diet, you may do so.

Please inquire to learn more or reach out with any questions.

We are able to provide fully kosher rafting experiences on the following rivers:

*Please note that on our Lodge-Based Rogue River trips the lodges provide all the meals so we are unable to provide a kosher diet on that trip. For this reason we can only offer camping based Rogue River trips.

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Making Kosher Possible in the Backcountry

Organizing a completely kosher multi-day backcountry adventure involves careful planning and attention to detail to ensure that all aspects of the trip comply with kosher dietary laws and Jewish traditions. By addressing the following considerations and consulting with communities knowledgeable about Kosher laws, we have created a backcountry experience that is not only thrilling but also fully aligns with Kosher dietary practices and religious observances.

  • Kosher Food Preparation:

    • Certification: Ensure that all food products are certified kosher by a reliable kosher certification organization.
    • Separation of Meat and Dairy: Strictly adhere to the separation of meat and dairy products. Using separate cooking utensils, pots, pans, and prep tables for meat and dairy meals.
    • Non-perishable Options: We choose non-perishable kosher snacks, and packaged foods.
  • Cooking Equipment:

    • Dedicated Cooking Utensils: Bring dedicated sets of utensils, cookware, prep tables, and serving dishes for meat and dairy meals. Label and store them separately to avoid cross-contamination.
    • Portable Stove: Use a portable kosher-certified stove for cooking meals in the backcountry.
  • Food Storage:

    • Sealed Containers: Store kosher food in sealed containers to maintain freshness and prevent cross-contamination with other foods.
    • Bear-Resistant Containers: In areas with bears, use bear-resistant containers and boxes to store food securely.
  • Water Sources:

    • Kosher Certification: Ensure that water purification tablets or filters used for water from natural sources are kosher certified.
  • Group Communication:

    • Communication: Ensure clear communication within the group regarding dietary restrictions, practices, and Shabbat observance to create a supportive and inclusive environment.
  • Emergency Preparedness:

    • Medical Considerations: Be aware of any medical conditions or dietary restrictions within the group and plan accordingly.
    • Emergency Food: Carry additional kosher emergency food in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Consultation:

    • Rabbinical Guidance: Seek guidance from a knowledgeable rabbi or authority on kosher laws to ensure compliance and address any specific concerns.
  • Waste Disposal:

    • Leave No Trace: Adhere to Leave No Trace principles, including proper waste disposal. Pack out all trash, and follow guidelines for waste disposal in accordance with kosher laws.
  • Shabbat Observance:

    • In ordinance with the shabbat tradition we do not travel Friday-Saturday evening on chartered Kosher trips.

Sample Kosher Menu with ROW Adventures


  • French Toast
  • Pancakes


  • Tuna or Chicken Salad
  • Guacamole


  • Grilled Salmon
  • Vegetable Lasagna
  • Quesadillas
  • Hot Dogs
  • Spaghetti

*Please note that the above meals are examples of kosher meals we are able to put together. We will work together with your specific chartered group to ensure we provide foods that leave you nourished and align with your practices. 

If I am kosher can I join an already pre-existing departure dates on one of your rivers?

If you follow kosher practices and diet, we recommend planning a group chartered trip only. On many of our pre-existing departure dates we are unable to comply with kosher dietary practices. We can only execute a fully kosher kitchen if the entire group requires it. If you are a kosher individual who is okay eating a vegetarian diet, you may join a pre-exisiting departure date as we are able to accommodate vegetarian diets on any trip. 

Will there be a designated area for prayer and religious observances at campsites?

Yes. At each campsite we visit our guides will designate a section of camp to be used for prayer and religious observances.