Introducing Our Travel Brand - Adventure Unbound®

If you ended up here you clicked on an adventure that now belongs under our new brand!

Same incredible adventures, just a new name:

ROW Adventures = our river trips.

Adventure Unbound = everything else.

2017 brought many excited changes to ROW.  Probably the biggest change is the decision we have been wrestling with many years to re-brand our international journeys.  Too many times we've had conversations with guests, partners and others who were confused thinking that "ROW" was, in fact, only a rafting company.  Even on a recent trip to Peru when we were explaining a product we had on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, we had a friend who has known of us for 30 years say, "I didn't know you could raft the Inca Trail!"  Obviously, the word "ROW" was putting us in a box.

The word "unbound" has been following our name for many years and we even created a "signature line of tours" and called them our "Unbound" adventures over a decade ago.  With that history, we decided to name the new brand Adventure Unbound ® and our mission is simple, Travel the Transforms. You can visit all of our offerings in more than 20 countries around the world, including our most popular spots like: Cuba, Peru, Galapagos, Patagonia, Croatia and the Polar regions by going to our new website, www.Unbound.Travel!  As for ROW Adventures, that name is alive, well and strong and we will continue to stregthen it as the greatest "rafting brand" in the world!

Some of our guest favorites from around the world:

Galapagos Unbound

Baja Kayaking

Taste of Croatia

Machu Picchu Adventure

Cuba Kayaking

Arctic Peninsula Explorer

Costa Rica, Pura Vida

...if you are looking for any other country or adventure, begin your search:

Go to: Adventure Unbound