If you have a group of special friends that want to share an amazing adventure together, then look no further.  You might have a group of friends from high school, from college, from church or your own neighborhood. Whatever it is you have in common, an adventure together guarantees to grow your bonds and deepen your friendship.

Some of our trips work for groups as small as six, while others may need 18-20.  We’re always ready to listen to your desires and plan the ideal friends’ getaway.  Everyday you’ll be discovering together.  You will discover new foods, new activities, new sites and sights, and much more.  Usually, people find that along the way there’s plenty of laughter.  As well, you are sure to build stories that you’ll relish for years to come.

We’ve custom designed girls-getaways on the Middle Fork of the Salmon; high school buddies who wanted a fishing adventure; college friends getting together a decade later to charter a yacht in Turkey and many more.