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40th Anniversary Founders' Series

In 1979, at the young age of 21, I was an enthusiastic whitewater rafting guide, who decided to follow a dream and start ROW Adventures.  Two years later, Betsy Bowen joined me in this grand endeavor.  Those humble beginnings, along with hard work and perseverance, built the foundation for what has become one of the most respected active and adventure travel companies in the world.  Few adventure travel companies have been around for 40 years, and of those, even fewer continue operating under the same ownership.

Throughout all these years both of us have remained active guides. We've always felt it was critical to stay in touch with our guides, the people and places we visit, and our guests. On trips we lead, we bring a unique perspective, founts of knowledge, laughter, shared friendship and of course, plenty of stories.  In celebration of ROW's 40th Anniversary, we are offering a limited number of Founders’ Trips, led by both of us, or Peter alone.  These were specifically chosen because they represent our pioneering spirit and history and, are places we love.  

We feel blessed to have found a vocation that inspires us, gives a sense of purpose and brings joy to others.  For us, ROW has been all this and more.  We are so grateful for the many people who have enriched our lives, as we hope that their travels with ROW have enriched theirs.  From Idaho to Turkey, Oregon to the Galapagos, Montana to Croatia, it has been a grand adventure!  We hope you will join us as we embark upon another chapter in ROW history!

- Peter Grubb & Betsy Bowen

Turkey Yacht Tours
Galapagos Unbound Tour
ROW Founders

Kayaking in the Wake of Christopher Columbus

Eastern Cuba - Sea Kayaking & Cultural Enlightenment in the Wake of Christopher Columbus – with Peter.  Come to a part of Cuba few people visit on a trip we pioneered and remains exclusive to ROW Adventures’ guests!  This is our fourth season in Cuba and we continue to delight in sharing this enigmatic country, so close to the US, yet so very different.  On this one-week adventure we discover the friendly locals, beautiful paddling, endless music, compelling history, delicious food and an immersive experience that will leave you with more questions than answers.  Daily flights connect Florida with the city of Holguin, Cuba.  An optional 5-day extension focused on walking, explores Cuba’s easternmost reaches including Baracoa, founded in 1511.  

Join: Peter Grubb

Eligible Dates: February 17-24, 2019

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Isla San Jose Kayaking Tour

Sea Kayaking Hidden Baja California – with Peter.  The Sea of Cortez is one of the world’s healthiest, most beautiful and vibrant marine ecosystems.  Dolphins, porpoises, whales and a multitude of fish swim in the crystal blue waters. The dramatic desert landscape features tall cactus and sandstone cliffs.  Couple this with brilliant night skies and camping on isolated white-sand beaches and you have one of our guests’ favorite trips.  Easy to access via Cabo San Lucas (SJD) or LaPaz (LAP) Airports , this six-day paddling journey features hiking, snorkeling and superb stargazing. 

Join: Peter Grubb

Eligible Dates: April 20-27, 2019

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Turkey Yachting Adventure

Yachting the Turquoise Coast of Turkey – with Betsy and Peter.  The location of ROW’s first international tour and Betsy and Peter’s honeymoon in 1984, they are excited to return to Turkey to join you and one of our favorite Turkish guides on this magical journey of discovery.  The trip starts in Istanbul, a city of resplendent architecture and history. Then on to one of the best-preserved cities of antiquity, Ephesus where St. Paul spoke to the Ephesians centuries ago.  We board our Turkish gulet, or motor-sailing yacht, for a relaxed week of exploring pine forests, ancient Lycian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine ruins, swimming in warm turquoise water and feasting on Turkish food - one of the finest culinary traditions in the world - accompanied by splendid local wine.

Join: Peter Grubb & Betsy Bowen

Eligible Dates: September 4 - 14, 2019

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