For most people, family is the most treasured aspect of life.  Spending time with family is precious and the only way to create connection and lasting memories.  Imagine the joy of sharing a new experience or new destination with those you love the most. Nothing is better than getting everyone out of their normal routine and exploring a new place or a new activity, or both!

For decades we’ve created and shared memory-building family vacations.  Sometimes they’re for parents and kids.  Sometimes they are multi-generational vacations with grandparents, parents and grandkids.  Or we’ve done special grandparent/grandchild journeys.  Whatever combination you might want, we’re ready to help you plan.

On many of our nature-based outdoor adventures, you visit places that are entirely off the grid, so everyone is unplugged.  Without other distractions, we have witnessed amazing bonding, laughter and fun among family members.  No cell phone interruptions.  No video games to lead attention elsewhere.  This is simple, quality family time of the finest nature.

On our rafting trips, the variety of craft we bring allows for varying levels of activities.  Those who are bit timid, or prefer to be less active, ride in our oar-powered rafts where the guides do the rowing.  For a bit more excitement we offer paddle rafts where everyone has a paddle and, with directions coming from our guide, join together as a team to propel the raft through rapids and pools.  Finally, we have inflatable kayaks, or duckies, that provide the highest level of physical activity as well as excitement.  Typically people rotate among all three, but the real beauty is that everyone is traveling down the river together, most always within sight of each other, so sharing in a wonderful and powerful way.

On our other adventures such as sea kayaking, yachting or hiking trips careful consideration takes place during trip planning to be sure that a plan is developed that will provide everyone with their desired levels of activity.

We invite you to call us and start the process of creating your next fabulous family vacation!