River Guide (Inexperienced)

Each year ROW Adventures seeks to hire a few exceptional individuals seeking entry level positions as whitewater adventure guides. No whitewater guiding experience is necessary to apply, but all hires must successfully complete ROW's Guide School Program and other required trainings before guiding commercial trips. New first-year guides usually guide one-day trips on the Clark Fork but may be rotated onto any river ROW runs for which they are qualified and licensed. Due to the breadth of rivers and types of trips ROW runs, this position offers a great start to what can become a longer, rewarding career in outdoor leadership with ROW Adventures. New whitewater guides join a highly experienced staff of fun-loving, thoughtful and talented outdoor professionals with a tremendous passion for the natural world. As much as we love boating, we love sharing nature with our guests even more. ROW hires individuals committed to excellence in hospitality and safety, who desire to provide meaningful interpretation to guests, support conservation efforts, desire to grow and learn, and who seek to set the high water mark in their professional and personal lives. Looking for a great place to get started and grow as a whitewater adventure guide? Then apply to join our team!

Guide Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Safely navigate oar and/or paddle rafts down Class I - IV rivers
  • Excellent risk management capability in remote settings
  • Work positively with other team members to implement all aspects of a ROW trip from pack-up to clean-up in order to provide guests with a safe, meaningful and memorable experience
  • Engage and respond to guests in a positive, friendly and supportive manner, including meeting their expressed and unexpressed needs
  • Provide meaningful interpretation to our guests on natural and cultural history topics pertinent to each trip, such as geology, Wild and Scenic Rivers, early homesteaders, Pacific salmon etc.
  • Lead guest activities, such as hikes, camp games, storytelling or campfire music (primarily applies to multi-day trips)
  • Prepare tasty, appealing riverside meals
  • Take care of ROW equipment and facilities
  • Professionally represent ROW and its Mission, Vision and Values
  • Follow all policies and procedures as outlined in ROW's Guide Manual
  • Act as a good steward of the natural world and follow Leave No Trace practices
  • Perform other duties, including a minimum of 15 hours of off-river warehouse work each season, as needed or assigned

Guide Qualifications:

  • Legally allowed to work in the United States
  • Successful completion of ROW's guide school or approved equivalent required prior to first commercial work (can be completed after hiring)
  • A current 16 hour minimum or higher advanced First Aid certification (WEC, WAFA, WFR, WEMT, EMT preferred) along with current CPR (can be completed after hiring)
  • A positive, supportive team player
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Physically fit, able to work long hours in the field and lift and carry heavy objects over awkward terrain
  • Willing and eager to interact positively with a range of age groups, from small children to seniors
  • Experience in guest services or group leadership preferred
  • Academic or professional background or equivalent experience in natural science, western American history, environmental education or conservation related field preferred
  • Ability to follow ROW's drug-free and tobacco free workplace policy
  • Ability to obtain an Idaho Guide License before working in Idaho (not necessary for Clark Fork-only guides)

How To Apply:

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