Since 1979 ROW Adventures has guided guests to remote places throughout the world. Ecuador offers visitors a place to explore a world full of vegetation and animal life unlike any other most travelers have experienced. Most of our travelers add Ecuador adventures as an extension to our Galapagos Islands Tours. Whether you are looking for a pleasant stay in Amazon haciendas or an Ecuador rafting adventure on the Rio Upano, ROW Adventures will guide you on an Ecuador trip of a lifetime.

Ecuador Rafting

Rafting on the Rio Upano in Ecuador with ROW Adventures is a Class II-IV journey through lush rainforests, mammoth waterfalls, and indigenous tribes. Local guides will enlighten you on the culture, history, and wildlife of this part of the world while you raft through fast flowing whitewater rivers. ROW Adventures is proud to have several "first descents" on the Rio Upano and delivers this Ecuador whitewater rafting trip as only a "Best Adventure Travel Company on Earth" can.

Ecuador Hacienda Extensions

Many guests want to relax and take in all that Ecuador has to offer. ROW Adventures offers a stay at authentic Ecuador Haciendas which allow our guests to experience a rural life in the Andes. You'll get to know new people, see bright colored art and architecture, visit churches, and witness spectacular vistas. During your stay at the Ecuador Haciendas, we'll take you on a journey to Otavalo-one of the world's most famous market towns. We offer 2 and 3 day extension trips to the haciendas. Want to just stay at the haciendas during you entire Ecuador trip without it being an extension? Give us a call and we can accommodate.

Stay in the Amazon

Visit the famous Amazon Rainforest on a trip to Ecuador. ROW Adventures has chosen two eco-friendly lodges in the Amazon Rainforest, the Kapawi Ecolodge and Napo Wildlife Center. Each offer unique unforgettable stays in Ecuador and ROW Adventures will help plan your entire Ecuador vacation. They are perfect for families and couples alike.

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