We are thankful that since 1979 ROW Adventures has been a successful business with guests from around the world. We believe strongly that as a responsible community member we, and every business, should give back.  To this end, every year we donate both cash and trip certificates to a number of worthy causes.  Here are some examples.

Our main office is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and we support dozens of groups and organizations in our local area which we consider to be communities within about a 100-mile radius.  Because we have operations in other parts of the USA and the world we also donate to other groups that work for positive change in those areas where we operate.

Our primary focus is supporting causes that align with our value system and mission.  Broadly speaking this includes causes that support: conservation, human rights and justice, important social and medical issues and education.

We get far more requests than we could possibly support and for this reason we generally are not able to donate to the following types of organizations:

  • Sporting clubs, teams, school events like class parties, etc. that are not directly related to education.
  • Religious organizations.
  • Any groups farther than 100 miles from our home base in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho unless it is in an area where we have trips. (For example, we support the Galapagos Conservancy because we operate trips in these islands in Ecuador.)

There are several requirements that must be fulfilled in order to be considered for a donation:

  • You must complete the donation request form a minimum of 30 days prior to the donation procurement deadline date.
  • There must be recognition for ROW Adventures including specifically a link from the hosting organizations website to our website.
  • You must fill out the request form below in entirety.  We do not accept requests via phone, mail, fax or email.

Please do not contact us to ask for a status update. We review each request and will contact you if your request is granted.

We look forward to reading your request learning about the many great causes and events that you are working for.


ROW Adventure Staff

ROW Adventures - Donation Request Form