Why You Should Consider a Rafting Trip for Your Next Adventure

Considering a white water rafting trip? Explore some expert advice below from ROW Founder and Owner, Peter Grubb, detailing just a few of the excellent reasons you might consider a river trip for your next adventure! 

Immerse Yourself in Nature 

Rivers flow through some of the most majestic landscapes of the world and are a natural pathway to places that can be otherwise difficult to access. Many of the rivers we run go through wilderness canyons accessible only on foot, horse or boat.  As outfitters and guides, we provide access to those that may not have the equipment, skills and expertise to experience a river on their own.  Most of the rivers we run also require technical whitewater skill in addition to the many other logistical aspects.

River canyons are a place to feel the earth under foot and the heavens above.  A place you can find both peace and the mysterious thrill of gazing upon life and the world and being one with it.  The rapids we encounter are exciting, heart-pounding punctuations of the poetry of the river trip experience.  Between the rapids there is calm and time to gaze upon soaring eagles and magnificent pines.  At camp there is hiking, good food, camaraderie around the campfire, and stargazing.

Bruneau mountains


Because river canyons have little to no human population and are deep and remote, there is usually no cell signal and thus, no internet.  It is a joy to get away from all that to a place where, without distraction, you can be truly present and aware.


white water rafting guides


Without the distraction of phone calls, emails and Tweets, you are able to “be here now” and truly connect with those around you.  Perhaps that is loved ones, family and close friends or newfound friends sharing the experience with you.  The world is a different place when you are surrounded by nature’s gifts.  The beauty of the mountains, the soothing song of the river and a blanket of stars at night are the perfect conditions to create a connection with those around you and, in the quiet of the canyon, with yourself.


whitewater rafting group

Find Your Own Adventure

On most of our trips we offer both oar-powered rafts where you simply sit, hold on and enjoy the passing scenery as well as paddle rafts, where you, a guide and a small team work together to navigate the river.  On some rivers we also offer inflatable kayaks for those that want to push their limits even more.

Once we arrive at camp, you are in the middle of nature’s great playground!  There are rocks to jump from, fish to catch, frisbees to throw, hikes to take, books to read, friends to talk with, music to explore, card games to play, trees to gaze upon, wildlife to watch and flowers to smell.  It’s your choice.


woman lounging in the river

Be Stress-Free

Many vacations are filled with daily decision-making requirements.  Where should we eat? What should we eat? Where should we go? What if I want to do one thing and you another? None of these stresses impact a river trip.  We wake you up soon after the sun rises and you only have to decide whether you want cereal or bacon and eggs, or both.  One cup of coffee or two?  Everyone floats the river together, but there is a variety of craft.  We stop and take short walks to explore old homesteads, Indian rock art or vistas with endless views.  Once at camp, you simply decide which tent you like, or take what’s left.  They are all on riverfront property with jaw-dropping scenery out the window.  Do I feel like a soda, a beer or a glass of wine?  Should I have seconds on the salad at dinner?  These are the tough decisions to make.


plying violin around camp fire

Enjoy Group Sharing & Self-Discovery 

There is freedom during the day for everyone to find their own place and pace.  Some may want to chill in an oar raft while others may prefer to be active and paddle.  Because the pod of rafts floats the river together, usually in sight of one another, everyone shares in the others’ experiences, laughter and excitement. Camp time is the time to share stories of the day and connect through the bond that nature creates so easily.  It’s also a time to walk on your own, take your rod and cast into the silver waters, relax under a tree and feel the earth. 


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Your Guides – Making the Magic Happen

ROW guides are the choreographers that set the stage for meaningful group dynamics and personal rejuvenation. They are trained professionals, natural teachers and heart-filled individuals with the technical skills to manage the risk inherent in outdoor adventures. They are leaders, artists, amateur psychologists, group dynamic specialists, talented cooks, earnest storytellers, and natural historians who carry a smile and can-do attitude.


log cabin

Opportunity to Learn

Our guides know a lot about the river canyons we float. They are storytellers who know about the plants, the animals, the pioneers, the Native People that came before us and, much more. As a company we value natural and cultural history interpretation – which is to say, we want to connect you with the places you are visiting in a way that is meaningful and personally relevant.  We provide training and learning opportunities for our guides so they can enrich your trip. For the curious traveler, this is a huge bonus of going with ROW Adventures.


food on table

Beyond Beans & Weanies

The days when camping meant privation are long gone. Rafts floating on water can carry a tremendous amount of gear and this allows us to bring coolers loaded with ice and packed with fresh foods. The meals your guides prepare are made from these fresh ingredients, sourced locally as much as possible. The menu is varied, bountiful and delicious. We cook and clean up, leaving you time to hike, fish, read, visit, or simply relax on the riverbank.



Camping in Comfort

Our rafts also carry a complete and comfortable camp.  We bring tables and chairs for our dining room and a portable kitchen where we can cook almost anything you can cook at home.  We have thick sleeping pads, lofty sleeping bags and four-person tents for every two people. We also have sun-showers and a portable toilet.  We bring games, a small library, and other creature comforts. It’s hard to make camping more comfortable.


group of kids on the river

A River for Everyone

Rivers are soul-expanding places and ROW Adventures runs some of the world’s most famous rivers, with a wide variety from mild to wild. We have flatwater canoe trips on Montana’s Upper Missouri and gentle rafting on Oregon’s Grand Ronde.  With no dams to control its flow, the undammed alpine wilderness Middle Fork of the Salmon is a heart-thumping whitewater trip early in the season but mellows out as the summer goes on and flows diminish.  Downstream is the family-friendly, intermediate lower Salmon River Canyons.  On the Oregon/Idaho border, the mighty Snake in Hells Canyon has some huge whitewater, but also serene stretches of scenic magnificence.  For those that may not want to camp, our lodge-based trips on Oregon’s Rogue river are perfect with fun rapids and warm water.  We are also known as the river connoisseur’s company because we have trips on rivers that few others float such as Idaho’s most remote rivers, the legendary Bruneau and spectacular Owyhee.  In addition, we offer a number of one and two-day trips on the thunderous Lochsa, dancing St. Joe, rambunctious Clark Fork, surprising Spokane, gentle Clearwater, emerald lower Selway, verdant Coeur d’Alene and boisterous Moyie.

We hope you will join us.  Come, feel the freshness of a breeze, the power of the river, the glow of sunset.  Share with us as we share ourselves with you.

Peter Grubb
Founder & President

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