Kayaking in Zapata National Park

Explore Cuba’s Biodiversity at the American Museum of Natural History’s New ¡Cuba! Exhibit

by Stephanie Engle
The Cuban National Museum of Natural History (Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Cuba, MNHN) is collaborating with the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) on research, education, and... more
Giant Galapagos Tortoise

A Birthday Shoutout to Charles Darwin: Writer, Evolution Entrepreneur, and Galapagos Voyager Extraordinaire

by Stephanie Engle
In honor of Charles Darwin’s birthday today, February 12, we have put together some quotes to celebrate the illustrious man. Of course, Darwin has gone down in history as a celebrated naturalist... more
Gray Wolf along the river

#CreatureFeature: Gray Wolf

by Lenore Perconti
Species: Gray Wolf Trip: All Rivers in Idaho and the Rogue River in Oregon Habitat: North America West Mountain Ranges Likelihood of encountering this species: Extremely Unlikely The wolf... more
North American River Otter

#CreatureFeature: North American River Otter

by Brittany Dern
Species: North American River Otter Trip: Any rafting, hiking or fishing trips in Idaho or Oregon Habitat: North America Waterways Likelihood of Encountering: Moderate Though relatively... more
Certified Interpretive Guides at a Homestead

Guiding Eyes: The Importance of Certified Interpretive Guides

by Editor
Below is an article written by Alan Leftridge, an interpretive consultant, that originally appeared in the National Interpretation Association magazine. He writes about the importance of direct eye... more
Black bear sniffing the river bank

Creature Feature: North American Black Bear

by Lenore Perconti
Species: North American Black Bear Trip: Middle Fork Salmon, Rogue River Habitat: Forests of North America Likelihood of encountering this species: Rare to very likely, depending on time... more


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