Yes, you got a pack list with everything you absolutely need...but here's a few extra things you might not have known you wanted out on the river!

1. A sarong. On warm trips, it's the nicest thing in the world to take off your wet, poly-blend, quick-dry clothes, and wear something loose and soft. If they call it a sarong, why does wearing one feel so right? (Men, you can rock one too, why not?!)

2. A toilet magazine. Whether you prefer National Geographic, Us Weekly, or even the National Enquirer, some reading material can help smooth the transition to pooping outside. You may even pick up a few new talking points for the next day on the boats. Just don't take too much time out there!

3. A favorite game. Have trouble breaking the ice? A deck of cards, Uno, or Banana Grams can be a fun way to break out of your shell and make friends in camp after a day of rafting. (Just be sure to not get too competitive!)

4. Socks and lotion. Being outside can be hard on your feet, soaking and drying over and over all day. And if you brought brand new sandals for the trip you'll definitely want to take care of your feet while you sleep. Lotion up at night, throw some socks on and voila! It's the best way to guarantee happy feet through the week!

5. A great attitude! Hey, crazy things happen all the time. We meet people we don't get along with, encounter bad weather, forget our toothbrushes, and even swim rapids from time to time! The best way to make it through any situation is to laugh it off! Heck, you're going on vacation...why get hung up on the little things?!

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