With Idaho's snowpack at about 130% so far this year, all signs are pointing to a great rafting season for the Northwest. Plus, big snowpack means great spring rafting - whether it's bigger rapids or being able to access rivers that are sometimes too low to raft in low snowpack years, big snowpack means a lot of spring fun. And with spring right around the corner it's time to dust off your gear, brush up on your river lingo, and get psyched to join us in 2016 on what we call "the Unraftables!"

The Lower Owyhee and Bruneau rivers are those once-in-a-lifetime rivers. Largely untouched and unchartered. Unraftable because river levels are often too low. But this year, Mother Nature endowed us with an amazing gift in the form of high snow pack! Which means a rare opportunity to see these two incredible rivers. We have confirmed departure dates on these unique rivers and our guides cannot wait to host you on an unforgettable river journey.

Already experienced these undammed, wild rivers? Fear not! Consider yourself lucky to go again. We know you'll agree... once is never enough!

"Unraftables" not really your style? We also have spring season rafting trips on the Snake and Rogue Rivers. See below for details!


5 days ~ $1265

Confirmed departures: 5/6

One of the most spectacular desert rivers in the United States, the Owyhee travels through sparse country and remote, multi-hued canyons. A kaleidoscope of color and wildlife, often considered the "Sistine Chapel" of western canyonlands, this undammed and unrestrained river is one of the best-kept whitewater secrets - and with over 130% of snow pack in the Northwest so far this winter, you don't want to miss rafting the Owyhee this year! 


5 days ~ $1630

Confirmed departures: 5/26, 6/2

The Bruneau remains a favorite for rafters looking for a remote wilderness river trip. From mellow Class II rapids to raging Class V whitewater, each section of the river is unique. The fast-flowing and narrow waters make for one action-packed ride. And with the great snowpack we have so far this year, the Bruneau is all set for an epic season!


3 to 4 days ~ from $975 

Spring Season Dates: 5/28, 6/4, 6/5, 6/11, 6/12, 6/18, 6/19, 6/25, 6/26

Our Rogue River Rafting tour blends the best of both worlds: the freedom of the scenic wilderness and the luxury of exclusive lodges. Raft through Oregon's cascading rapids and scenic canyons brimming with wildlife each day and retreat into lodges nestled in the wilderness each night. Raft over 40 miles and 80 rapids of the best water the Rogue has to offer!


3 to 4 days ~ Starting at $990 

Spring Season Dates: 5/23, 5/29, 6/6, 6/14

Raft through beautiful Hells Canyon, America's deepest river gorge, on this Snake River trip. The intermediate rapids and warm water make it an incredible rafting adventure, and the canyon's rich natural and cultural history tell a story with every turn.PLUS! Deal on lodging: free pre- and post-trip lodging. Ask an adventure consultant for details

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