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Coronavirus (Covid-19) and ROW Adventures

Last Updated March 24, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 

We are monitoring the Coronavirus situation constantly and updating this page as often as we can as changes occur, new travel advisories are released, and we learn more.

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Geology of the Lower Deschutes River

Rivers are magical corridors that lead you into the surface of the earth, revealing otherwise hidden stories of geologic history.  Over millennial, rivers have carved their way through layers of rock with a persistent and impressive power.

Deschutes River Tenino People

Indigenous People of the Deschutes River

The rich tapestry of Indigenous people in the Columbia River Basin begins thousands of years ago.  Around flickering campfires, stories were passed from generation to generation.  These were stories of the animal people and the human people that instructed values and inspired spirituality. They were the thread of daily life.

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7 Tips for Staying Clean on the River

River rafting trips are an adventure of a lifetime. But when you’re camping out every night (and far from a hotel), how do you stay clean? In this article, we’ll navigate the ins and outs of bathing while on the river and offer some of our top tips for staying clean. 


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Understanding Whitewater Classifications

Understanding Whitewater Classifications

Created by the American White Water Association to evaluate rivers around the globe, the International River Grading System categorizes stretches of river based on their difficulty.

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11 Holiday Gifts for Rafting & Kayaking Enthusiasts

As the holiday season rolls around, you might be struggling to come up with gift ideas for the adventurers in your life. So to help you out, here are 11 gift ideas that will be a hit with whitewater rafters and kayakers, ensuring they stay warm, hydrated and safe on their next trip. 

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A Rafter's Guide to Whitewater Lingo

When you embark on a rafting trip, it often feels as if you’re in a separate world. And you are! Swept away from the asphalt tributaries, the comforts of home and the cacophony of sounds resonating from urban living, you're instead riding life’s greatest highway: the river.

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A Typical Day on the River

Are you thinking of trying out this whitewater rafting thing, but aren’t sure what you’re really in for? No need to play through “what if?” scenarios—you can discover the many adventures you’ll have on a typical day of a river trip with ROW. So read on and share a day of river fun with us: every sight, smell, and incredible feeling.