Have you even been rafting down the Moyie River? Have you ever even heard of this spectacular river? The Moyie is Idaho's hidden whitewater rafting gem. While relatively unknown, the Moyie is an exciting early-season (May to June) whitewater rafting day trip in North Idaho. Floating through a secluded wilderness canyon just a couple of hours from Spokane, Washington and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, the Moyie is a great escape for Northwest locals and visitors alike. With Class II-III whitewater, our 15-mile "float" is a great introduction to the area's wildlife, scenic beauty and world class river rafting.

Here are ten reasons why you should book a trip on the Moyie this summer:

10. For the Class III whitewater

  • Feel the thrill of whitewater as you ride through fun, splashy rapids such as Eileen Dam, Hole in the Wall, Triple Hole and Vanilla Shake.

9. Only a few people get to run it every year

  • With a short season (May to June) and few commercial companies that run trips, the Moyie is a place you can find real solitude. In fact, we rarely see other rafters on the river.

8. It’s a great first trip for the river season

  • If you are looking forward to a few trips on the river this season, the Moyie is a great way to get that season started. Not only is it one of the first trips offered every year, but the rapids are big enough to get to you excited and get some practice, but it also has smaller rapids than some of ROW’s bigger day trips (like the Lochsa River).

7. The chance to see some amazing wildlife

  • Northern Idaho is home to many kinds of animals, and the remoteness of the Moyie provides a great opportunity to see these animals. Osprey, eagles, bears, elk and moose are all animals you may experience on your Moyie River trip.

6. You get to raft on water that came from Canada

  • The Moyie River flows out of a beautiful, pristine lake (called Moyie Lake) near the town of Moyie, British Columbia. The lake is filled from rain and snowmelt from the surrounding mountains.

5. You can drive to Canada after your trip

  • ROW guests meet their guides in a town called Moyie Springs, Idaho. Moyie Springs is only a beautiful, 45 minute drive to Canada, where you can camp, see Moyie Lake or just visit for a few hours. So don't forget your passport!

4. Learn about endangered caribou

  • The Selkirk Mountains, near the Moyie River, are home to a small herd of the endangered mountain caribou. Rafting the Moyie River allows you the chance to experience the habitat of these amazing creatures, and likely learn more about them from your guides.

3. The chance to be without cell phone service for a day

  • While we encourage guests to leave their phone behind for the day, even if you bring it, the Moyie River is one of the few remaining places on earth where you do not get cell phone service. This allows the group to really have a chance to talk and get to know each other as well as experience the river and whitewater without any distractions.

2. The river is away from the road

  • Unlike many other river day trips, the Moyie River is accessed by a dirt road that you will only glance occasionally while rafting the river. This allows the group to really embrace the solitude the Moyie River has to offer.

1. You get to raft through a dam!

  • Rafting on the Moyie allows you the unique experience of riding a raft through the Eileen Dam.

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