We’ve had the distinct honor of planning and delivering a number of custom adventures for a wide variety of groups over the years.  We’ve done custom bird-watching tours for the San Francisco Academy of Sciences; rafting trips for the Sierra Club; canoe journeys following the trail of Lewis & Clark on the Upper Missouri River for Rice University; Baja whale watching for museum groups; and many more.  Allow us to create a seamless experience covering all the details for a program sure to build loyalty and positive feelings for your institution.

An affinity group tour sets the stage for your organization to engage your members while also providing a meaningful educational opportunity.  Done well, these trips will help grow your organization as members spend quality time together further orchestrated by interactions with your staff or directors.  A life-enriching travel program reaps rewards for years to come when members strengthen bonds and thus, build loyalty to the institution or organization that brought them together.

We welcome you to contact our expert trip planners today.