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Africa! Land of our ancestors, flowing through our veins since ancient times.  For many, their first days in Africa bring a sense of familiarity.  A feeling of connection that is visceral and grounded in our roots.  We are awed by the landscape, attracted to the trees and plains of shrubs and grass. We are amazed by the diversity and multitude of animals.  The miracles of migration on hooves, birds in flight, leopards with tails hanging from branches, giraffes towering above and spectacular sunsets combine to create an experience to treasure forever.

Our own history of travels to Africa goes back to 1974, when ROW Adventures Founder Peter Grubb got on a flight from Toulouse, France to Algiers, capital of Algeria at the age of 17.  He spent 10 days on the continent on that trip, hitchhiking from Algeria to Morocco and then to Spain.  A year later, taking a gap year between high school and college, Peter traveled through Tunisia, Libya and Egypt over a 3-month span.  Since that time, Peter and other staff at ROW have made multiple journeys to Africa.  Collectively we’ve been to over 20 countries, exploring, connecting and observing while visiting camps, lodges and a multitude of locations.  We’ve trekked with gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon.  We’ve witnessed massive migrations in Kenya and Tanzania; been awed by elephants in the deserts of Namibia, in Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta of Botswana, at Mana Pools in Zimbabwe and Kruger Park in South Africa to list a few.  We operated our first safari in Namibia in 2012 and since then have arranged dozens of African journeys for our special guests.

While we do sometimes operate scheduled trips, Africa is well set up for small private groups of 2-6 who want to plan a custom safari.  Working with a select number of camps and operators in Africa, we are well-positioned to help you plan a trip that will focus on your interests and desires.  Perhaps seeing  Mosi-oa-Tunya, 'the smoke that thunders' (Victoria Falls) is high on your list?  Or the Skeleton Coast of Namibia?  The Serengeti in Tanzania?  The forests of Rwanda.  Whatever your dream, we can help you realize it.

We seek out the lessor-known places and smaller camps where you experience an Africa like no other.

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Africa Custom Tours

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Do I need a visa or passport to travel to Africa?

A passport with at least 30 days of validity after the expiry of your intended visit is required for entry into Africa and you should have at least two free pages for entry and exit stamps. Visas are not required to enter the country for citizens of most European countries, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for stays of up to 90 days. 

Do I need Travel Insurance?

While it’s not compulsory to take out travel insurance to visit Africa, we highly recommend that you purchase a policy for peace of mind. It will provide financial assistance in case the unexpected happens, with most policies covering medical expenses, theft, and transportation delays. Before you purchase a travel insurance policy, be sure to check if there are any activities or “known events” that are excluded from claims. 

Are there any luggage restrictions for charter safari flights?

If you’re traveling on small plane charter flights to and from Africa’s wildlife reserves, it’s important to keep in mind the luggage restrictions. Most carriers will only accept bags that are less than 20kg in weight and are soft-sided (ie. no hard suitcases). Some will allow bags with one hard edge (eg. a base with wheels) but the majority of the bag must be soft, such as a duffel bag. 

What immunizations are recommended or required?

While there are no mandatory vaccinations required for visiting some parts of Africa, it depends on which country you are visiting, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that travelers are up-to-date with their shots for tetanus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, diptheria, and typhoid, as well as measles, mumps, and rubella. A yellow fever certificate may be required for travelers coming from certain parts of the Americas and Africa, including Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda.

Many parts of Africa have a risk of malaria, so chat with your physician about suitable anti-malarial drugs before departure. It’s also advisable that you pack long-sleeve shirts and pants to prevent mosquito bites in the evening.

Specific immunization requirements will be discussed given your destination and timeline.

How can I prepare for a safari tour? What should I pack?

Casual, comfortable garments that are quick drying are a staple of safari travel, with neutral colors such as beige, khaki, or green helping you to blend in with the natural environment. Always pack a couple of long sleeves shirts and long pants that will guard against mosquito bites at night.

Don’t forget to pack a sweater for the chilly early mornings and evenings, plus a lightweight waterproof jacket. Walking shoes with good grip and flip flops/sandals for getting around the camp are the only footwear you’ll need!

In terms of accessories, pack a broad-rimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, as well as insect repellant and any prescription medication to might need. A pair of binoculars may also come in useful and most guests opt to bring a high-quality camera to document their experiences. 

Most importantly, don’t forget your passport and any vaccination records you need, as well as documentation of a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Can I book a custom safari for my family? What is the minimum age requirement?

All of our private tours are custom-designed, including family safaris. Depending on your interests and preferred destinations, we can tailor an itinerary to suit. The minimum age requirement for children differs depending on the places you want to visit and the activities you want to participate in. 

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

On all of our custom safaris and private tours, we do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions, provided we have prior knowledge. That being said, in some remote areas, particular ingredients may be difficult to find and suitable alternatives will be sought. 

What are the accommodations like?

Our accommodation options range from basic camping to glamping at upmarket safari camps, as well as family-focused resorts and high-end lodges. In some destinations, we can also create itineraries staying at private villas, complete with in-house staff. Glamping tents are among the most popular of our accommodation options as they immerse you in the wilderness environment while keeping bugs and wildlife out.