River Soul Journeys

What are River Soul Journeys and Spiritual Retreats?
By definition, a retreat is the act of withdrawing into privacy by finding a place of refuge or seclusion. After years of floating through secluded mountain river canyons where the solitude and serenity of nature abound, ROW developed its River Soul Journeys program. Expert guides, inspiration and adventure guide us on these remote wilderness rafting trips. Idaho's rivers are the perfect place to find refuge in the embrace of Mother Nature. While you rest, relax and explore these magical river canyons, you will rediscover your true and powerful self.

ROW has created co-ed and women-only spiritual retreats. Each River Soul Journeys includes fly-fishing, hiking, yoga, journaling, guided and independent meditation, and education about native plants and animals. New friendships, self discovery and nourishing food feed our souls on these multi-day rafting trips. Idaho rivers allow you to expand your awareness in a place far from the stresses and distractions of your everyday life. On the river, you can absorb the peace, security and authenticity of nature.

River Soul participants are encouraged to join our caring and talented guides in a journey to find meaning, balance and clarity which will lead you to aliveness, adventure and accountability. To know that we each hold the power of choice and creation in our own domain is a gift with infinite value.

Each River Soul Journey is accompanied by a yoga instructor. Yoga is a practice of skillful actions to quiet the mind. Participation is voluntary, but yoga helps to calm the mind and sooth the spirit which contributes to inner peace. Riverside yoga practice enhances your creativity with sustained energy and stamina. We'll focus on breath work, meditation, and relaxation healing.

You are your only limitation on these trips and we support full discovery of what you want to create. Due to the activities on our spiritual retreats, we recommend participants be at least 16 years of age.

What can you expect on your journey?
Journaling will be highlighted as a way to capture unique times, feelings and places as well as the adventures and people who make this journey so unforgettable. Through the act of writing we discover what we have always known and we create the time and sacred space to choose to take action in our lives in new and exciting ways.

Serene riverside campsites will offer an incredible backdrop to enjoy morning yoga practice lead by a Yoga therapist and teacher. We will also focus on the re-connection to mother earth in this canyon by interpreting the legacy of a people that lived in harmony with this sacred place.

These adventures are offered on several of Idaho's rivers and will include many exciting rapids. There is plenty of fun for all, and beginners are welcome. The structure of these adventures means there are options for everyone from lazy pools of sun-drenched water between the rapids to amazing scenic hikes high above the river.

We offer several different boats to choose from on this trip so you can choose the level of activity you desire. Ride in an oar-powered raft where a guide does all the work. Or, grab a paddle and climb aboard a paddle raft where everyone participates and helps maneuver under the calls of a guide. Finally, for the most daring, inflatable kayaks are available.

Our talented and experienced guides are excited to share their passion for these canyons and the rivers with you. Trip are offered from June through September when the weather is sure to lend a twist to this rejuvenating journey that will positively change the way you look at life, long after you return home.

On our wilderness camping adventures a cargo raft will travel ahead of the group each day (on trips with 13 or more guests), arriving in camp with time to set up tents and our comfortable kitchen area, replete with dining tables and chairs. Delicious and healthy meals are often yet another highlight and the meals we serve will complement the spirit of the journey and the inspiration of the canyon.

First time campers are encouraged to join us. Our river trip will be interactive and fun, gentle and as exciting you choose. All hikes are optional.

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Release, Rebuild and Rediscover
Snake River thru Hells Canyon: 5 days

Class IV whitewater, oar boats, paddle rafts, inflatable kayaks (duckies), yoga, journaling, hiking, fishing and connecting with new friends.

GOALS: While we release the stresses of every day life and rebuild our individual power, the strength of the river supplies inspiration to reach new heights and rediscover what we truly want to create in our lives.  Through the discovery of self via journaling this 3-day trip is guaranteed to create a noticeable shift in consciousness among all of our guests as well as guides.  Through the act of writing we discover what we have always known and we create the time and sacred space to choose to take action in our lives in new and exciting ways.


Dates & Rates

Supplementary Information

5-Day Snake River through Hells Canyon
Please inquire with an Adventure Consultant for additional details on dates and rates. 

TRIP INCLUDES: Services of our talented adventure consultants and professional guides, all meals/beverages as indicated in the itinerary (including beer and wine), all rafting/camping gear, and transportation to/from river meeting points.
DOES NOT INCLUDE: 6% Land and water access fee, Airfare/transportation beginning and ending points, gratuities for guides, travel protection plan, pre-& post-trip hotel, items of a personal nature.



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