Women-Only Adventures

women-adventureROW offers each year a number of "women-only" adventure and rafting trips for those who would like to break free of their husbands, families and daily stresses to relax on a scenic and fun outdoor adventure.

Women Only Salmon River Canyons - 5-days: August 15

Betsy Bowen, co-founder of ROW, welcomes all women to join in on the fun of a ROW adventure:


As co-owner of ROW, I've been sharing life-enriching experiences with special guests for over 25 years. As a woman, and mother of two, I know that there is a real need in my life for a break from the demands of daily life. My guess is that you too deserve, and need, a vacation that relieves you of these responsibilities and allows you to rejuvenate your body and soul. A time to refresh, heal and simply reflect. If you too find you need a vacation just for you, or with a group of women friends, we are pleased to offer some fantastic options in adventure travel for women.

ROW's River Soul Journeys are designed to offer the healing tonic you need. These spiritual retreats, offered for women only, or in a co-ed format, combine yoga, journaling and meditation along with the magic of the river environment to allow you to discover your true, powerful and real self.


Or maybe you'd just like to charter one of our many adventures for your own special group. Whether it's a group of friends you've had for decades, or just a few months, a women-only outdoor vacation provides a nurturing and fun environment to share together.

As women, we are often the caretaker of others in our lives. A ROW trip is an opportunity to let someone else do the caring and you'll be pleased to know that we bring many of the comforts of home with us. Our luxury camps are set up in advance by your guides. When the group arrives each afternoon, tents are up along with dining tables and chairs. Sun showers provide a cleansing wash. Our kitchen crew creates healthy, delicious meals, clears the table and washes all the dishes.

We address sanitary issues as best possible in a wilderness environment. Our portable toilets are placed in their own tent to provide you with privacy. Our hand-wash system with a custom-made foot pump provides running water. Our guide staff includes women to make sure your questions can be addressed by someone who knows and understands your special needs.


If traveling into the wilderness is new for you, rest assured that our guides provide you with a wonderful opportunity for womens adventure travel without needing to have the skills, special equipment and time required to plan such an adventure on their own. And, for those not quite ready for camping, we also offer lodge-based adventures at our River Dance Lodge on the banks of the Clearwater River.

I invite you to call our office. Candy, Laurie and Morag, our stellar adventure consultants are ready to listen and help you choose the perfect vacation.

My hope is that your time with ROW will open up doors of discovery, windows to your life's special meaning and, create memories that you will take with you to heaven.

Most Sincerely,

Betsy Bowen